Book Review (Part 2): Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

I rate this book 2/5. I rarely rate books lower than 3 stars. Such a large number of people have read this book, and it’s overall rating is 3-4 star, but I can’t seem to recall any ideas in the book that made me feel like I desperately wanted to keep reading.

The whole story seemed to drag. Somehow the “Man from Mars” teaching Martian to humans became more of a religious subject. Rather than exploring more extraordinary actions and responses to everyday life.

The ending is definately not what I expected. It seemed rushed and abrupt, as though the author ran out of time or imagination.

Although this review is not very detailed, I’ve previously written up the first 3/4 of this review as an earlier post. I didn’t want to be repetitive for those who have been following my writing. Please refer to my earlier post for the rest of this review “Book Review: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein”.

Unfortunately I definately wont be remembering this book, nor recommending it to any other reader.
Looking forward to starting the next book as part of this years book challenge now 🙂 Feel free to discuss, leave opinions, or give book suggestions for my “TBR book pile challenge” book #2.

Happy New Year everyone! Don’t let Day 2 of this year beat any of your resolutions! I’m still smiling, writing and reading… Getting a tiny step closer to my goal everyday 🙂 x

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