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To 2013: A Better Year

Such a windy night tonight. It’s really late and really dark but I can’t sleep yet again.

I keep remembering my past, trying to understand the mistakes that I made so I can learn, and to grow into a better person.

I want 2013 to bring much happiness and joy to those I love and care for. I want to leave behind all my sorrows, troubles and mistakes in 2012.

In 2013 I will be more positive. I will fight even harder for my dream. I will push away the darkness that threatens to consume me. I will take opportunities with both hands. I will be the person I want to be and I will have a better year, for every year that I live on.

Let’s all have a positive and realistic resolution for 2013. Let’s all succeed in the things that we want to achieve. Let’s all support one another and all be successful in 2013.

To 2013, the better year! 😀

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Book Review #1: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

After 2 whole days full of family fun, I’m attempting to end the festivities by finishing off this book that’s been dragging on forever.

I have a terrible need to finish books from beginning to end. Even the ones that bore me half to death. I can’t understand why “A Stranger in A Strange Land” has received such high ratings. I’ve spent months trying to finish this book and I find myself looking at the percentage bar on my kindle more often than I change the pages.

So far this book has been about a martian on earth who has been kept as a scientific project for people to test, check and monitor. The book then moves forward, so with all my excitement of “Mike” escaping, I hope for so much imaginative flair to erupt onto the pages. It then moves onto how the “Man from Mars” teaches his fellow earthling “water brothers” to learn Martian, and to adapt to his world as well as the Martian learning how to behave and understand the human race.

Unfortunately I do not share the same interest, imaginative mind, or opinions as the author. With all due respect to Robert Heinlein for writing a novel, getting it published and getting his book on many reading lists, I find this book somewhat boring and uncreative considering it is about martian life on Earth. I’m still painfully struggling through the last 15% of the book. Every time I pick up the book I wish I could reach the end and at least be rewarded with an amazing end to the book.

So far I would rate this book at 1 or 2/5 stars. I wont be posting my final rating up until I finish the book. But honestly I do not have high hopes of the book getting any better from this point onwards.

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The one who made me smile for Christmas

Thank you for loving me, for pulling me so close to you like you don’t want to lose me. Thank you for making things right, for holding me so tight that my feet are in the air. For supporting me with your all, your strength. Thank you for making me smile such a real deep happy smile. Thank you for reminding me of love.

Words can never describe the way you make me feel, the way you make me smile, the way it always feel right to be close to you. Another moment to add to my collection of precious little moments with you.

Today is Christmas. The most magical day of the year. Magic is as real as believing in your love. Magic is making what can never happen, happen.

It doesn’t matter that you hold her hand if I still hold a place in your heart.
It doesn’t matter that she sits beside you when I see you better across the table.
It doesn’t matter if she’s invited by you when it’s me who wanted you here.
It only matters when I’m not around you because I want her to make you smile and to laugh. I want her to give you the warmth and the love that you deserve. Because I still believe in my fate and my destiny, and all I want is for you to be happy.

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5 days til Christmas

I feel like writing but I don’t know what to write about today. Fed up of coughing and illness but very much looking forward to Christmas.

It’s odd how Christmas is supposed to be a Christian day but everyone celebrates it all over the world. Most people probably don’t think twice about the Christmas story.

For me, Christmas is all about family. The one time of year where we all have time off work to get together and to catch up on a year’s worth of ups and downs.

As kids it was all about the presents. We never believed in Santa because our family never told us that bad boys and girls get a lump of coal. We had the luxury of choosing our gifts and being with family.

As we grew older it’s not as exciting. But it’s great to get 2 whole days off work. I miss my cousins, aunts, uncles and the kids. Whenever us Lee’s get together, the night is neverending.

Roll on Feast at Lee Garden, Poker, Twister, Raffles, Mahjong, Big 2, “Fish, Prawn, Crab”, best of all, lots of fun, laughter and games!

5 days until Christmas! 🙂

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My Top Writing Rules: My Way, My Rules.

1. A novel doesn’t have to start at the beginning, followed by the middle before reaching the end.
For example you could start at the end, where something dramatic has happened, then write the middle to show what happened. Then finish at the start where everything began well.

2. Re-write yourself.
You can become anyone you want to be. You can be good/evil, big/small, beautiful/ugly etc. You can discover what type of person you could have been if you had strayed on the wrong path. Or you could have a better life in your imaginary, self created world.

3. Never give up.
Giving up means you will never have the chance to finish what you started. Have hope, have faith, believe in luck, believe that anything can happen because it can, as long as you keep trying.

4. Be open minded.
The sea can be pink, animals could fly, people can mutate. Anything is possible as long as you can imagine it!

5. Don’t let any ideas get lost.
Write down anything and everything that you think of. If it’s the middle of the night, turn a lamp on and write in a pad. If you are in a coffee shop, grab a napkin and jot your ideas. Keep all your ideas. Once every few months, pull out your bundle of thoughts and see if you can be creative with some of it. If not, put it away and try again another time.

6. A novel doesn’t have to be just prose.
It could have diary extracts, newspaper clippings, poems embedded. Anything that might help you develop your own style. Create something unique, different, something that’s yours.

7. Write about things you are passionate about.
If you love someone, think about them and create a character based on your love, or how you want to be loved. If you love this person, you must make your readers believe it. Your arch enemy, who do you hate? Why do you hate them? Passion doesn’t just mean things that you love. But anything that brings strong emotions to the surface. Put your personal feelings into your words and exaggerate the situation until the bad things are terrible and the good things are unforgettably amazing.

8. Remember who you are.
Never forget what is real and what is imaginary. Get lost in your story when you have your pen in your hand, or the keyboard under your fingers. But remember reality. Use your experiences, use other people’s experiences. If you can feel it, then someone else can too.

Happy writing or happy reading. Whatever puts a smile on your face. Today I realised writer’s block is only when you don’t let your mind run free. Don’t try to think what to write about. Just let your thoughts guide you. Pick a moment in your past, or something that put a smile on your face and take it from there. 🙂

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Fate & Destiny

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some people believe that God is the reason, others think it’s free will and personal choices that lead them to where they are now.

I think that everyone’s fate and destiny has been mapped out for them. But the path that they take to get there is up to them. The easy path where you do all that is right, or the long and winding path full of obstacles and temptations that delay you from your destined end.

I believe everyone has a soul mate. But not everyone is lucky enough to be with them during every lifetime. Sometimes you might love someone so much you think you will die without them. I think this person is the one that fate brought into your life, but destiny didn’t have enough time to keep you together.

Never give up hope. Life has too many up’s and down’s. Maybe today doesn’t feel right, but tomorrow could bring you all the joy in the world when you
meet the one who you are destined for.

If you were not ment for each other then nothing can keep you together. But if you were ment for one another, nothing can keep you apart. Fate and destiny always go together. That’s why love brings so many unexpected surprises.

I hope all you reader’s who’ve not yet found your better half, will meet them soon so you can live your happily ever after. 🙂

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Classics List vs Book to Movie List

I can never decide between these two lists whenever I want to read a random book.

Classics: the books on this list are for many age groups and are rated by many readers. I’ve wanted to read the top 100 classics. Depending on which list you go by, the books vary very slightly.
Going by “The Guardian’s Top 100 books of all time”, I’ve read a very small handful of them including: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The BFG by Roald Dahl and Northern Light’s by Phillip Pullman. That totals 4/100. Hmm… I can’t really say I’m too enthusiastic about the rest of the list right now so maybe I should go straight to the other list, or go by an alternative “Top 100 list”. I might even have a go at the “Listology: Top 1001 books”.

Books to Movies list: the “Top 50 books to movies” according to “The Guardian”. This list already looks more promising. There’s many more books I’d be willing to pick up and read.

There’s just conflicting emotions on my part because I feel like I should get through more classics as I am such a book lover. There’s never enough quiet time, or time in general, to read.

I am currently reading “Stranger in a strange land”, which was discovered on one of the top reading lists but unfortunately I can’t really agree that the book is amazing enough to reach the top books lists at all yet. I must be 75% through the book already. Maybe I’m just too different to other people?

Please share your favourite books! Then I wont have to stare at list after list, then choosing a book that’s not right for me and feeling like I have to finish what I

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Writing Ideas: Still the Lost Girl

I wish I could be the sort of person who was always happy and optimistic.

I really want to write everyday. I want to have the time to chase my dream, but it seems I’m taking one step forward then two steps back.

When I have free time, there’s always a never ending list of things to complete, or I end up completely lost for words.
Then when my words are bursting from me, I can’t write fast enough to keep up. Then someone comes to disrupt my flood of words or another distraction comes my way.

I can’t decide if my attempted novel should be magical or dark and desperate. I can’t seem to think of a way to combine the two just yet.

I have a folder of writing full with random chapters that I hope to use one day. I’m unsure if I can combine it all into one big story. I want to write about gangsters, vampires, magic, depression, love, family, struggles, fate and destiny. I wonder where this next step will lead me?

The Lost Girl is definately still lost. Please come along and help guide me through my journey. Be a part of my writer’s journey. 🙂

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I love my Parents: Unconditional Love

Sometimes on a quiet evening, I look over and realise I never want my parents to grow any older.

My heart jolts and tears spring to my eyes as everytime I stop to look, there’s another white hair and another wrinkle.

As a youngster you always feel like your parents annoy you, don’t let you do anything you want to do, and have too many rules.

As you grow up, you begin to understand the importance of having those rules, to help shape the person that you become.

Then when you have your own children you learn that you yourself are a parent and you are the ones with the rules.

Most parents love their children unconditionally. No matter what wrong you may have done, a parent or family will always be the first to forgive you.

I was never an easy teenager to put up with. But through all the bad times I have learnt many lessons and realise that all my parents ever wanted was what’s best for me.

My point for today is:
Be good to your parents and family whilst they are with you. No one lives forever, so cherish all the days, create all the happy memories so that you can have them with you in your heart forever. Appreciate what you have before it’s too late 😀

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Writing Ideas: Dark Ideas

I’m itching to write today but the crappy wireless keyboard skips a few letters inbetween every few words that I write. So I am now forced to post via mobile, pigeon typing, which is nowhere near as fast as my thoughts are whirling.

On top of this my darling 3yr old is wide awake. On a normal night she’d be fast asleep, making this prime time for me to write. But now, as I type, I have one eye watching her so she doesn’t fall off the chair whilst playing on the ipad.

Back to the point (before I get side tracked again). Today I have a sudden urge to write a novel to do with a supernatural element. I’m desperate to not let slip too many details in case I ever need to use any of my work for competition entries or actual publication.

I am having a massive psychological debate as to whether I can pull this off. I always get too caught up in my writing. Whenever I create a character, I try to put myself into that mind frame.
But my writing always leads me to dark places that I’m not sure I’m strong enough to pull back out of.

Any suggestions on overcoming fear, or the darkness that consumes you when depression tries to take you down? For my novel to unravel, I must be able to step back from my work as soon as I stop writing. I don’t want to fall into the darkness again because it’s too hard to fight it off.

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