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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Book Review #107)

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/12/16
My 22nd book this year.)

Amy, the stunningly beautiful, intelligent, funny, perfect New Yorker that every girl wants to be. Nick, the handsome all round perfect man. They were made for each other. When their lives entwine, they both realise they have found their lifelong forever.

On the day of their 5th anniversary life is turned upside down for Nick. Amy goes missing. The evidence doesn’t make sense, the clues are cryptic and now the story really begins. Their perfect lives slowly unravel dishonesty, deceit, paranoia, and their love for one another has become unstable.

Wow. This book is well and truly twisted. I kept wanting to find out what happens next but at the same time I felt annoyed with the over the top twists and turns.

I took Nick’s side right from the start even though I had my doubts like the author intended.

I didn’t really engage with any of the characters yet I was still excited to find out what was coming next.

I absolutely hated the ending but it was the most unexpected end to a story like this.

A difficult one to express my views on without ruining the whole story. I would recommend this book only if you have the patience to read the whole thing. If you are a romantic, I guess the book becomes much more appealing.

Nothing amazing. If you can get over the absolutely crazy twists and not think about it too much, this book is worth considering.

Written by Ling Lee.

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Extras by Scott Westerfeld (Book Review #106)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 05/12/16
My 21st book this year)

Aya is on a mission to broadcast any story on her personal web feed. In this society, fame means everything. The more famous you are, the more important you are. To get famous you need followers, viewers and stories to keep people interested and to spread the word.

Aya is trying to uncover a story about the “Sly Girls”. A secret clique full of surprise and adrenaline rush antics. She is trying to uncover who they are and what their secrets are. As she gets deeper into her discovery she finds a whole new story that could change the world so she must tell everyone and become extremely famous to be the one to broadcast it first.

Along the way Aya and her already famous brother, Hiro, are intercepted by the most famous person of all, Tally Youngblood. Together they face this discovery and together they make their appearance and story well told.

The least appealing of the ” Uglies” series. This book lost the originality and felt completely different to the others. It felt to me like the author ran out of inspiration and was forced to churn this one out.

I would not recommend this book although the rest of the series was much more exciting.

Written by Ling Lee

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