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My 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

For 2013: New Year’s Resolution
(Keeping ANY one of these resolutions will be a bonus for this year)

1. Keep following my dream to become a writer – I will keep blogging anything remotely interesting in my life, thoughts, ideas until I piece together enough drama for my first novel.

2. I aim to be a happier person – I will count slowly from 1 to 10 and breathe in and out slowly as soon as anyone makes me feel sad, angry, annoyed or negative. I will try to beat the moment and smile.

3. I hope to create a year’s worth of happy memories with my Princess Lily and King Myles. I hope to go to the zoo, go for a picnic, go to the library, have a BBQ, feed the ducks, visit a farm and spend a lot more time out in the open when it’s not raining or cold.

4. I hope to join in with either a reading challenge or writing challenge. I will most likely go for the easier option – reading. This will help me explore more writing techniques, more ideas, and will help me to achieve resolution 1.

5. I will work harder at work, play harder after work, read more, write more and smile more!

Happy New Year to you all!
May 2013 bring goodness and better things for us all!

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Where to start: 1st idea – writing competitions

Taking this kickstart to my career very seriously.

I just thought that maybe entering one of my short stories into a free entry writing competition might give me some sort of indication as to how close I am to living my dream.

I’m afraid of entering and getting absolute zero response from the judging panel. I wonder how the stories are judged and whether there are any copyright issues if the story turns out to be better than I could ever hope for.

Research is a big part of helping me along my path to success. I guess I need to start off easy and aim for a small competition with a piece I am less upset to be judged on.

Any suggestions as to which competitions are better known, or smallest entry numbers, or even ones that guarantee feedback? Any information would be very much appreciated.

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