Growing Up Too Fast: Writing Extract

“I feel like I’ve skipped a huge chunk of my life and tried to grow up too much, too soon. At every milestone I stopped only for the briefest moment in time before rushing forward, blindfolded, head first.

I wish I could turn back time and give myself a moment more at every turn. I would have fought harder for my first love instead of accepting it as fate. I would have never let love destroy my very existence.

My passion for life faded like a burnt out candle. With a puff of smoke and a lingering fiery scent, that’s all the passion I have left to show. No more sparkle in my eyes, bounce in my step. Just a cautious eye for any change.

As a child I always wanted to grow up faster, now that I’m finally at this stage in life, I wish I could relive it all and amend my mistakes. But because life is never fair and never predictable I live on until the next good thing can bring a feeling of warmth through me once again…”

Written by Ling Lee (28/06/13).

At a dead end in life and I can’t work out how to turn around and get back on track again. This is still my journey and I am still the Lost Girl trying to find her way to her dreams.

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Blood Thirst: Story Extract

“What a dark night, without a single star to decorate this open canvas, only the moon shining proud and strong.

I instinctively sniff the air for my next meal of fresh human blood. Starved for days in a hope to kill my addiction but this feral need has taken control. The faint smell of warm iron flooding through a body, I hear her heart pump an erratic beat as her feet pounds the pavement, with every other beat, exhaling in bursts of breathlessness.

She is running for all the wrong reasons. She should be running away from me but her scent grows stronger with every step closer towards me, oblivious to danger. My face twitches as I fight to keep my canines from appearing. Sweat drips from the back of her ear, down her neck. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. Realising my mistake as her scent travels through my nose up my nostrils, hitting me right in the gut as my canines painfully extend.

Razor sharp nails cut into my palms as I struggle to stop myself from rushing over and draining her life right before her very eyes. The pain in my hands not nearly enough to distract me from my hunger for her blood. I watch her with a predatory snarl, straining against my humanity. I don’t want to kill her but in my current state she doesn’t have a chance. I can almost feel the skin on her neck against my lips, taste the iron warmth trickle into my mouth. My throat is dry, very dry. My tongue darts across my teeth, desperate for a taste of her life.

Two and a half days, the longest I have managed without blood so far. Now I leave that thought behind as I slip through the shadows to quench both my thirst and hunger.

Her eyes wide in shock, gazing right at me, I don’t know why I’m looking at her. Guilt crushes me as I feel her beg me to stop through the gurgling blood in her throat. I hesitate for a second as her eyes call out a silent plea, my breath catches as I realise she is still alive. Her heart still beating a light pitter patter and her breathing is staggered. I slow to a stop as I cradle her limp body against my own. I lick her wounds closed. Her life floods through my veins as her eyes drift open and closed, with every blink I feel my strength return.

I realise this is the first time I have fed without killing. Now I pace frantically considering my options. I can’t erase her mind now that she has fallen unconscious in my arms, I can’t risk leaving her out in the street in case she wakes to remember me. I don’t want to kill her which leaves me two choices. Do I take her back to my house or hers? …”

Written by Ling Lee (14/05/13).

Exactly the kind of writing I’ve been waiting to write. My love for vampires grows with every book, every movie and every scene I can imagine in my thoughts. I hope this is something that you might want to read more of. Thank you all for reading 🙂 x

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‘Are You Ok?’/Darkness Awaits with Open Arms: Story Extract

“Head throbbing in a frantic beat, all energy drained from my every limb. I’m too exhausted to move, almost too tired to breathe. I squeeze my eyes shut as tight as I can to stop the tears from falling, because once it starts, I wont remember how to stop until my eyes dry out. I hate the puffy eye look, everyone can tell then they start to ask questions.

‘Are you ok?’ Such an important question yet people expect a simple ‘Yes’ to follow. Why bother asking when you don’t really want to discuss the answer? As soon as the answer is formed into any word other than ‘yes’, the poor soul who asked the question tends to visibly tense and squirm on the spot; like something has suddenly crept right under their skin. So before you voice this question, ask yourself if you are ready for the answer.

Today is a ‘Not Okay’ day. Be warned and steer clear. I don’t want to see pitiful eyes or glimmering smiles of those who think they hit the gossip jackpot. I just want to plough through this day just to crawl back into the safety of my bed. I want the darkness to join me and wrap it’s cold arms around me. I need someone or something who truly cares, even if that something is a cold and dark embrace.

I can see the darkness appear with a soul. Boney and timid, hesitating, reaching it’s skeletal black hand out, waiting for my touch. Grazing my finger, it hurriedly grasps my hand before I grow strong enough to push away it’s feral need to drain me. Every waking moment the darkness fights to contain me in it’s negative aura. Every restless suspension of consciousness allows the darkness to grow. To develop its hold until eventually it becomes a mass of black bulging muscles. Strong and imminently destroying what’s left of my will to live. The darkness smiles with a hollow, gaping hole. Giving me one last push, I fall in to it’s merciless prison where the darkness feeds on my energy. Stroking me as a reminder of it’s cold welcoming arms when nobody with a warm embrace had cared.

The darkness is always waiting with open arms for us. It has become a permanent body in my life. But sometimes I fight for the hold of a warm being, sometimes I’m strong enough to let love in, but every time it hurts, I retreat into the safe arms of my dark depression…”

Written by Ling Lee (05/05/13).

A piece of what I see when the darkness is more welcoming than the hurt of human love. I hope this piece makes you stop to think twice before you see walk away when you see pain flicker through someones eyes. Give them a big warm hug to keep them in the light and warmth of your world.

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Beauty in the Park: Story Extract

“Wearing a peach coloured summer dress, I walk across the park and follow the cemented route without veering onto the grass. My golden strappy sandals wont agree too much if my feet aren’t standing on solid ground where I can see what I’m stepping on. I keep to my side of the path and consciously scan the park to see if he’s here again. No luck so far. I can’t decide if I should keep walking in this direction or turn back round and wear out this part of the path along with my ‘not made for walking’ shoes. Whilst I was thinking, I must have carried on walking because I have wandered around the bend and there he is again looking even more amazing than he did yesterday. I wonder if he will catch my eye today, or if I will be lucky enough for him to stop and say hi so we can swap pleasantries about today’s lovely sunny weather and maybe even discuss another subject alongside that.

He’s out walking his beautiful grey husky and playing fetch. Right now he’s stopped to ruffle the fur above its’ head as it nuzzles into his hand. I’m guessing it’s a she-dog. I don’t like to use the proper term with the “B” word because that word is too commonly used in reference to nasty girls who don’t keep their hands, mouths, and under dressed bodies to themselves. That “B” word is too harsh a word to describe this beautiful dog I wish I had the good fortune to see more of.

I can feel a light breeze and hope that maybe, just as he turns and sees me on my daily, so called ‘stroll in the park’, the wind might pick up just a fraction and whisk my hair into a golden frenzy and fan out across my shoulders. I’d be one of those captured moments on a ‘Country Life’ magazine.

To my good luck and fulfilled silent wish, the wind sure picks up. The husky towards me pulling her owner along with her. I’m just about to strike my ‘model standing still and looking nonchalant pose’ when the wind whips my hair across my face. I turn my head and hope my untied hair will cooperate and fan out across my shoulders the way it was supposed to. Shaking my head from side to side, frustration hits me and I feel a spell of dizziness join me. The husky and owner are getting close enough to be within talking distance soon and I’m not ready to face him today. With my mouthful of hair and the wind threatening to expose my panties to everyone in the park, I don’t know if I should be keeping my hair out of my face or holding my dress down with both hands to keep my dignity.

The beautiful blue eyed husky has apparently seen something of great interest and has suddenly started running in my direction. I turn to get out of it’s way just as someone on a bike passes forcing me to stay on my side of the path. Before I know it I’ve been knocked onto the grass, my elbow is unbelievably sore, my forearm grazed and I think I could quite possibly have skidded across the grass a few inches; definitely across my buttocks and right thigh.

This was not worth it. I try to get up and realise my butt hurts too much so I stay put for a few seconds. I lower my forehead so that it rests on my knees that are now drawn up close to my body. These embarrassing things only happen to people in movies and obviously to me. I was supposed to be the picture perfect model and now I can barely show my face. Lucky no one recognised me. I gingerly attempt to get up. I hear footsteps running by and a voice shout “I’m so sorry my Wolfy knocked you over.”

I cringe as I realise he’s come back for me. I guess I got my other wish fulfilled. He’s kneeling right here and talking to me about something other than the weather. I should be grateful but I just feel my heated cheeks burn up in embarrassment at my flailing arms and pathetic scream replay itself in my head…”

Written by Ling Lee (25/04/13).

I was trying out a little bit of fun again. I was walking home the other day and saw this scene play out in my head. I thought I’d try to capture the moment and get it into words on a page for you lovely readers. Hope you like this one. I hope it had it’s intended effect. If you made it this far, I hope it made you smile because I’m sure it wasn’t what you were expecting to read. Enjoy the sun because no doubt it wont last long. Many thanks for reading my work. Comments are very much welcome whether they be positive or negative. Thanks again.

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Drained: Story Extract

“Euphoric relief settles upon me as I direct my pent up emotions straight at the bag. Every punch brings an image of his mocking face to surface. I aim straight for his face with a right hook connecting dead centre. His taunting insults fuel my anger as my leg connects with the bag and the image of him bent over, doubled up in pain as satisfaction washes over me. I smile and dodge as the bag swings back at me.

It’s such a shame I’m not confrontational, otherwise I wouldn’t be in my current mess. As a daily routine, I escape my torturous life by beating this bag with all my heart. Every ounce of energy is thrown at it until I drop to my knees with sweat rolling off my forehead.

Every night I train myself to be better, to be stronger. Once my energy is  drained I feel the rush of adrenaline finally subside. Then the empty, hollow feeling returns, until the next time he reminds me how lucky I am to be his. The sad truth is I still believe him even though I can’t remember why…”

Written by Ling Lee (21/04/13).

I started out hoping to write a happier piece but it seems my mind has led me elsewhere yet again. Rather than to fight the words, I let my mind wander and the letters escape from me onto the page. I hope someday soon I can be writing endless happy extracts instead of the more serious topics I have covered. Be strong! 

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Vow of Abstinence: Story Extract

“I concentrate on dragging my eyes away from half a team of drop dead gorgeous rugby players. With their bulging triceps, biceps, abs and all sorts of muscles that strain against their striped t shirts. I curse under my breath at my bad timing for taking that vow of abstinence.

Why did I agree to this bet? One whole year and so far we have almost gotten through month one. Now these beautiful bodies are standing in line mocking me and this horrendous vow. I roll my eyes as my best friend knows my weakness to a man and big muscles. Especially one in particular with a tattoo peeking out from the sleeve of his top and his hair skinned to the scalp.

I love to run my fingers across that bald top and feel the bristles of stubbled hairs tickle under my fingertips. I’d love to examine that tattoo at a closer range to determine if it is in fact a dragon or a phoenix tail twitching for my attention.

Taking in a ragged breath, eyes closed and slowly exhaling. I remind myself of the year long swearing off men. Any form of sexual contact only excluding comforting hugs when the dark times reside in me. Then that bulk of baldness and tattoos backs right into me as he turns and his deep blue eyes hold my gaze. His laughing face falters whilst he looks right at me, stumbling for the words to form an apology for crushing my brand new Jimmy Choos…”

Written by Ling Lee (15/04/13).

This piece is a lot more fun. Restrictions and lust. The best emotions to toy with. A bit of fun. A lot of laughter when the girls can talk and look but not touch…

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Wings: Story Extract

“Skeletal wings with translucent webbing crinkle open as she flexes and tests them. In the blink of an eye her wings burst open to its full size. Large on the upper section and smaller on the lower portion. Like insect wings seen through a magnifying glass, the fragile skeletal outline is black and with well defined lines. The see through webbing holding the skelton together has fine lines passing through leaving intricate patterns swirled across its canvas.

She flicks her wings and I watch as they move unsteady and uncoordinated causing her to lose her footing. Arms stretched out to the sides to regain her balance, she tries again. Small movements until they flicker in a beautiful coordinated grace. Fluttering, sending a light breeze as the wings waft at the tree leaves beside her. I can smell a light woody fragrance. My senses must be overloaded as I watch mesmerised by its beauty at the impossible that has just been made possible. She has wings and I think she can fly!”

Written by Ling Lee (08/04/13).

Having a go at fantasy and a complete new realm with new characters and hopefully new landscapes to explore. This is what I want to do. Free my imagination and create a world of my own to escape to.

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One Hot Valentine’s Meal: Story Extract

“Tucking her chair in as she sits down, he leans over from behind then kisses her on the cheek. He tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear and inhales her enchanting fragrance before walking round to his seat across the table from her. A silver waxed candle flickers on the tabletop making her smile glow warm like the flame.

The waiter pops open a bottle of champagne, pouring the golden bubbles into a beautiful crystal flute. They make a toast to many more happy memories together.

He is mesmerised by the twinkle in her eyes. He barely notices the waiter refill their glasses, taking with him the remains of their starters. His eyes never once leaving her face.

Leaning in towards the table, she inhales. His eyes travel down from her face stopping only for a second to watch her stroke the glittering diamond pendant round her neck, before being distracted by the sight that rests a little lower. A smile plays across his lips as she bites the corner of her mouth, he knows the promise behind this silent exchange.

As she runs a finger round the rim of her champagne glass, he lifts his share and takes a mouthful, running his tongue across the edge. Her breath catches ever so slightly before she dips the tip of her finger into her glass and brings it to her mouth for a taste. His eyes grow wide in anticipation of the evening ahead.

As the waiter brings their next course of food, he feels a slight annoyance at the interruption. But he soon forgets as her toes travel from his ankle, up his calf, until she rests her foot gently against his groin. He sits up suddenly and straightens his jacket, looking both left and right as he realises the golden tablecloths cascade all the way to the floor. He grins at her and gives her a wink.

For his cheek she taps him in warning with her foot, before she begins a circular motion in his lap and he suppresses a groan from escaping his throat…”

Written by Ling Lee (14/02/13).

Naughty but nice. A little something I always wondered about. Do people really do these things inside a restaurant?

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to the lucky ones who have found love for this day. As for the singles out there, go out with friends and be happy! You might just find yourself a handsome gentleman who gets caught in that smile.

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