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Book Review #58: Real by Katy Evans

I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 07/05/14
My 17th book this year.)

Remington, the famous underground boxer. Every girl wants him. Known for his crazy knock outs, everyone in the fighting world knows him as Riptide.

In the midst of a fight he lays eyes on Brooke and is completely crazy about her. When he realises Brooke’s retreat from the ringside, he abruptly knocks out his opponent and chases her out of the arena. Very soon after obtaining her number, he offers her a job that she cannot refuse.

Struggling between taking her job seriously and fighting the urge to lay a claim on Remington, Brooke’s common sense is quickly clouded by the muscle’s, the dimples and everything Remington has to offer.

I’m not really sure what to make of this book. Almost every scene felt over exaggerated and very much repetitive and obsessive, from both Remington and Brooke. I very much wanted this book to grab hold of me and pull me into the dark that surrounds the underground scene. Almost every moment felt surreal but somehow I love the idea behind the story. The ending was a bit of a surprise, however I still can’t say that I’m desperate to start book 2.

Remington was too dark of a character. Too possessive and unbalanced for me to fall for. Brooke was quite annoying and definitely too obsessed with Remington’s physique. Every few chapters she had to remind us which body part she was daydreaming about.

I wouldn’t recommend this book, but I might still give book 2 a go sometime.

Written by Ling Lee (07/05/14).

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Book Review #57: Divergent by Veronica Roth

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 29/04/14
My 16th book this year.)

A society split into 5 factions. Abnegation-Selfless, Candor-Honest, Dauntless-Brave, Erudite-Intelligent and Amity-Peaceful. Every factor lives with very different rules. Once a person turns 16 they get to choose which faction they want to belong to for the rest of their lives. But choosing a new faction means leaving your family behind.

Beatrice is born into abnegation-selfless. On her 16th year, along with others her age, she undergoes a test in the form of a simulation that helps to guide her along the right path. Her tests result inconclusive, but her test instructor looks more than worried. Discreetly telling her she is Divergent but refusing to tell her what it means, except that she can tell no one.

Beatrice chooses her faction along with a new name. Here she meets Four who is one of the senior instructors who help her through the initiation process. If she fails, she becomes factionless… No one chooses to be factionless.

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book. One of the best books that I have picked up in a while.

Beatrice becomes Tris in her new chosen faction- Dauntless. The most unexpected choice, being almost opposite in every way to her past. Living life to the max, on edge, thrill seeking and putting her life in dangerous situations just to prove she is brave. But one mistake in her acts of bravery can very much lead to her death.

I love the way Four and Tris fight one another, challenge one another and push each other to the limit. Their relationship is confusing yet compelling both at the same time.

I am desperately wanting to finish this review so I can jump straight into book 2 of the series. A must read!!

Written by Ling Lee (30/04/14).

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Book Review #56: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 21/04/14
My 15th book this year.)

Anna has reluctantly been sent to study in France. Knowing minimal French doesn’t help. Luckily her neighbouring room mate, Meredith, has a friend (St Clair) who speaks English.

Meredith has had a crush on St Clair since forever ago, but he has a girlfriend who has been with him for just as long.

Anna soon gets caught up with her life in France. But she sure misses the guy who was close to becoming her boyfriend before she left. Anna is very much looking forward to going home for the holidays until she finds her plans have changed and she ends up being the only person in her friendship group stuck in France.

St Clair is the heart throb of this book. Good looking with an amazingly gorgeous accent. Every girl has been captured by his charismatic personality. Somehow, during the same holiday, St Clair has now been forced to stay in France.

Now it’s just Anna and St Clair and the beautiful streets of Paris. Will all the theatres, lights and romance of the city pull them together or will their feelings for one another be kept secret til the end of time?

I really enjoyed this book. An easy read with much love, drama and misunderstandings. I managed to finish this in 2 sittings and am now a little lost for words. I hoped for a spectacular ending but I find myself wanting more. All the build up between Anna and St Clair made me feel cheated. I wanted more romance and more drama.

I would recommend this to the next girl who wants a love story. I’m quite certain this is a girls only book. Most of the book was immensely enjoyable so well done to Stephanie Perkins for keeping me entertained and for making me smile.

Written by Ling Lee (21/04/14).

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Book Review #55: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/04/14
My 14th book this year.)

Sky is an adopted child, who has a loving mother with a desperate dislike for anything regarding technology. After being homeschooled for most of her childhood, with the help of her best friend, she finally manages to persuade her mother to let her experience public school.

Somehow she manages to catch the attention of Holder, the boy with the worst reputation in school.

Their lives collide. Secrets unfold, pain unravels them, somewhere through all the drama, they cling to one another, but how long can they keep fighting one another’s problems?

I absolutely loved the first half of this book. I was completely consumed, turning page after page, I just didn’t want to put the book down. Holder is full of secrets and Sky is such a strong character. I love the tension and emotions that whirl around them. So much love and so much pain. I felt alive, my heart beat like mad for their relationship. I felt excited, alive, passionate about every stage of their relationship.

I finished it in 2 sittings. I wish I could have said the same for the 2nd half of the book. Towards the end, there is too much summarising, too much explaining and not enough of the intensity between Sky and Holder.

The ending was a bit over the top for me. I so badly wanted this to be a 5 star book, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. None the less, I would still recommend this book, purely for the first half.

Written by Ling Lee (10/04/14).

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Book Review #54: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 03/04/14
My 13th book this year.)

I don’t really want to review this book. But as a reader, a writer and someone who has ideas to share, I guess I have no choice but to plough on.

Humbert Humbert’s life. His first sexual encounter leaving him with memories of his young teenage love. So this is the root of the story. Humbert spends the rest of forever finding another just like her. With childish features and a love for nymphets, he is careful to not have his secret revealed.

One day, by chance, he meets Lolita and he just knows that he can’t be with her, yet he can’t live without her.

We struggle through Humbert’s unstable mindset, alongside his unlawful hunger for only Lolita.

I can’t really say I enjoyed this book. But jumping in with a brief idea of what to expect, I brace myself and read on. Being open minded but much of the time my stomach was filled with a very unpleasant feeling as Humbert tells his story.

Yet this story was believable and the scenery was beautiful. It was amazon how the author managed to write this story without using any sexual words. But he described every formidable act just as clearly. It’s a very disturbing piece. I’m guessing a lot of people can’t bring themselves to read more than half the book.

I can’t say I would add this to my recommended reads but I didn’t exactly hate the book either.

I gave the book a 3 star rating mostly because of the clever words used to describe his way through the book. The scenery and storyline actually worked. But chunks of the book became a really tedious read.

Written by Ling Lee (03/04/14).

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