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Crumbling: Writing Extract

“My world crumbles as I watch myself fall apart and I can’t do anything to hold myself together. The ache in my heart drains my body of energy, of the will to go on.

With so much pressure mounting on my shoulders, each day becomes more of a struggle to fight through. I drag my body through every hardship, through every pain but I’ve forgotten what it’s all for.

I chose the one who has slowly destroyed my spirit. I need the one who can bring the smile back on my face. The one who wants to catch me when I fall and escape the one who pushes me over the edge.”

Written by Ling Lee (28/06/13).

Not one of my better pieces but a piece of writing all the same. Trying is better than giving up altogether. Today I must fight to get my spirit back.

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Growing Up Too Fast: Writing Extract

“I feel like I’ve skipped a huge chunk of my life and tried to grow up too much, too soon. At every milestone I stopped only for the briefest moment in time before rushing forward, blindfolded, head first.

I wish I could turn back time and give myself a moment more at every turn. I would have fought harder for my first love instead of accepting it as fate. I would have never let love destroy my very existence.

My passion for life faded like a burnt out candle. With a puff of smoke and a lingering fiery scent, that’s all the passion I have left to show. No more sparkle in my eyes, bounce in my step. Just a cautious eye for any change.

As a child I always wanted to grow up faster, now that I’m finally at this stage in life, I wish I could relive it all and amend my mistakes. But because life is never fair and never predictable I live on until the next good thing can bring a feeling of warmth through me once again…”

Written by Ling Lee (28/06/13).

At a dead end in life and I can’t work out how to turn around and get back on track again. This is still my journey and I am still the Lost Girl trying to find her way to her dreams.

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Wanting You: Story Extract

“Gazing out at the lake, moonlight glimmers across the rippling water. Every movement creating a new sprinkle of light as it dances through the night.

My eyes look through the windscreen but my mind is captured by your presence. Trying to suppress the grin from spreading across my face, I glance sideways where you sit relaxed, with your body turned towards me and your back leaning against the driver’s side door. Our eyes meet and a tingle runs all over my body, skimming across my skin as though your hungry eyes have touched me.

A flush of heat rushes through me, lingering on my cheeks as I blush and look away. My hands lay restless in my lap whilst my mind remains confused. I don’t know if I should leave my hand on the edge of the seat or if I should keep them clamped together in my lap, fully aware of the sweat building in my palm.

I can feel you looking at me, my heart thumps loud and fast. I’m both nervous and excited to be so close to you. It feels like time has stopped and the only thing in the world that matters right now is you. I can hear my breath become rapid and shallow as I struggle to control my most basic needs. I wonder if you feel it too.

Glancing your way, I see your eyes connect with mine, my heart pounds an unfamiliar beat. I bite my lower lip to keep from grinning like a fool at you. Suddenly you lean forward, close enough so I can feel your breath stroke my burning cheeks.

Your eyes demand my undivided attention and somewhere in between, your fingers have wound through my hair, tracing slow, gentle circles at the nape of my neck. Gripping the edge of my seat for balance, I’m afraid to break the spell. Finally something good is mine. I see you close your eyes and feel your lips brush mine, soft and warm. Our first kiss, leaving me wide eyed and wanting more…”

Written by Ling Lee (13/06/13).

Something beautiful in life. Just a simple kiss making every bad thing disappear if only for a single moment.

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My Reason to Smile: Story Extract

“In a drugged up haze of cough mixtures, throat sweets and paracetamol. His eyelids fight to stay open, forehead streaked with his sweaty fringed hair, in this state he still looks handsome.

I smile inwardly and wish I could take away a little of his suffering. It’s funny how men act all brave and mighty, then the flu brings them down hard on both knees. It’s nice to be needed. With a warm flannel, I wipe his forehead and face.

I love the way his jaw relaxes and his lips part just a fraction. I can see the tip of his tongue resting on his lower lip, I long for his kiss. I watch my gentle giant sleep, the only time he ever stays still is when he’s fast asleep. I love to listen to his steady breaths, not quite a snore, but long heavy breaths. I watch his chest rise and fall. Placing my hand just above his heart, I feel the peaceful rhythm thump under my palm. I love lying on his chest, listening to the beat, having him to myself for just a moment more.

He takes a sudden staggered breath and curls up beside me. I stroke his hair and lean in to smell his musky scent, without all the sweet cologne he favours. I love the way he smells. I love the way he makes me feel all giddy and warm. He makes me feel alive and excited, his unpredictable, fun loving nature brings out the child in me. Everything about him is all about the present, there’s no need to think of the past and no time to think of the future. I’m lucky enough to have found the love of my life. I kiss his cheek and wrap his arms around me, cherishing each and every moment with my beloved…”

Written by Ling Lee (11/06/13).

The feelings in this piece are from a major part of my life. This extract is all about the love I felt, the warmth and the goodness because that’s all I let myself remember. My reason to smile.

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Forgotten Smile: Story Extract

“I can’t remember the last time I smiled. Every moment of every day I fight to keep my sanity. The stress just keeps piling high, ready to tumble over. Sometimes I wish I could wake up and forget every experience and every memory, just for some peace and quiet.

A tear slips down my face and onto my pillow, leaving a nice dark patch on the fabric. I don’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore. It’s too much effort to wake up with sore puffy eyes. I don’t want to pretend like there’s not a worry in my life anymore.

My life is sh*t. When nobody listens and nobody cares, I realise I made a mistake somewhere but I can’t pinpoint when my tears of laughter became tears of pain and sorrow. My days feel longer as I watch the minutes on the clock tick over and over, counting down the misery I have left to endure.

I hate to finally get home only to lay in bed alone, curled up in a pool of tears. Then I remember a day when you made me smile. Your infectious smile and your passion for life. You used to hate sleeping because you didn’t want to miss a moment. For just a few heartbeats you were solely mine. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Then it was over and you were gone from my life, along with everything else worth smiling about. Now I lay here into the early hours of the night, trying to think of a reason to smile. The blurry image of your beautiful face appears and I smile at another memory that I will never forgot. A moment when I used to lay on your chest and listen to nothing except your heartbeat and your steady breath as you held me…”

Written by Ling Lee (11/06/13).

I wouldn’t survive another day if it wasn’t for these beautiful memories to pull me through the darkness. i just have to remember how to smile from the heart.

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Awaiting Inspiration: Story Extract

“Deep into the night, my pen is poised as I wait for something to inspire me. Hovering over the lined white paper, words fail me but my hand begins to release lines of ink across the page. Stroke after stroke, with every line, a face appears. He stares at me through his solid black eyes.

Recognition sparks my mind and frustration follows with the hazy uncertainty. I feel like I know him but I can’t place him in my life. I admire his image and smile at his lips, slightly raised on one side. His playful manner has escaped onto my page as his serious gaze stares right at me. My finger traces his jawline, leaving a slight smudge on the page where a blob of ink from the cheap biro has leaked.

I jump at the cracking sound from my wooden window frame. Such a gentle, quiet night draws suspicion to my thoughts. I drop the pen and take a deep calming breath. Walking towards the window, I check the lock and peer outside. Nothing but a few scattered stars and a thin crescent moon to decorate the sky. Only the stars and my wild imagination to keep me company. The feeling of safety washes over me as I release the breath I forgot I was holding…”

Written by Ling Lee (04/06/13).

I’ve been distracted and lost again this week. I’m frustrated that words have eluded me. I could see myself trying to draw instead of writing, but unfortunately I make a terrible artist. Hopefully this piece isn’t a complete waste as I desperately wanted to write another extract tonight.

(I want this piece to work into my ‘First Blood’ vampire extracts.)

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