Wanting Sleeping Beauty: Story Extract

“She sleeps with the duvet tucked tightly round her abdomen. One arm is out of the sheets, shoulder covered, but her arm lies freely across her covered chest with one leg exposed all the way to the top of her thigh.

My eyes devour the sight of her, sending tingles through my body in anticipation to all the possible ways I can stir this sleeping beauty.

I want to start from her ankle and leave a trail of gentle kisses up her bare leg. I wonder if that’s enough to wake her from this deep slumber.

Still, I am leaning against the doorframe, unmoving, only observing. I want to pleasure this raven haired woman until she begs me for release.

Or I could trace a finger up her arm to work my way through the sheets covering her. I want to circle those chocolate coloured buds as they perk up under my touch. I wonder if she will moan for me upon her waking moment.

I’m a patient man. I like to savour every moment and let the image of beauty etch itself deep into my memory. Long before she walks out of my life, I will remember every inch of her body, every freckle, every line and every sound I make that escapes from her lips. Then just like the others, the time will come when I push her out of my life. I’ll never love another woman, but I’ll still enjoy every moment of bliss all the same.

Fully under control, my body is calling out for her. I’m reluctant to wake her so I sneak in beside her. She knows I’m here and snuggles her back against my welcoming arms. I resist the urge to grind against her ass, but I lean in to smell her sweet scent and leave a gentle kiss on her neck. She smiles in her sleep, adjusts her body and falls back into her rhythm of breathing.

Content to watch her sleep, I wait for her to regain her senses before I pleasure her to the point of no return again…”

Written by Ling Lee (12/03/13)

If only men could be so patient and selfless. It’s nice to awaken from a wonderful dream.

Good morning and have a lovely day to you all. 🙂

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My 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

For 2013: New Year’s Resolution
(Keeping ANY one of these resolutions will be a bonus for this year)

1. Keep following my dream to become a writer – I will keep blogging anything remotely interesting in my life, thoughts, ideas until I piece together enough drama for my first novel.

2. I aim to be a happier person – I will count slowly from 1 to 10 and breathe in and out slowly as soon as anyone makes me feel sad, angry, annoyed or negative. I will try to beat the moment and smile.

3. I hope to create a year’s worth of happy memories with my Princess Lily and King Myles. I hope to go to the zoo, go for a picnic, go to the library, have a BBQ, feed the ducks, visit a farm and spend a lot more time out in the open when it’s not raining or cold.

4. I hope to join in with either a reading challenge or writing challenge. I will most likely go for the easier option – reading. This will help me explore more writing techniques, more ideas, and will help me to achieve resolution 1.

5. I will work harder at work, play harder after work, read more, write more and smile more!

Happy New Year to you all!
May 2013 bring goodness and better things for us all!

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Writing Ideas: Dark Ideas

I’m itching to write today but the crappy wireless keyboard skips a few letters inbetween every few words that I write. So I am now forced to post via mobile, pigeon typing, which is nowhere near as fast as my thoughts are whirling.

On top of this my darling 3yr old is wide awake. On a normal night she’d be fast asleep, making this prime time for me to write. But now, as I type, I have one eye watching her so she doesn’t fall off the chair whilst playing on the ipad.

Back to the point (before I get side tracked again). Today I have a sudden urge to write a novel to do with a supernatural element. I’m desperate to not let slip too many details in case I ever need to use any of my work for competition entries or actual publication.

I am having a massive psychological debate as to whether I can pull this off. I always get too caught up in my writing. Whenever I create a character, I try to put myself into that mind frame.
But my writing always leads me to dark places that I’m not sure I’m strong enough to pull back out of.

Any suggestions on overcoming fear, or the darkness that consumes you when depression tries to take you down? For my novel to unravel, I must be able to step back from my work as soon as I stop writing. I don’t want to fall into the darkness again because it’s too hard to fight it off.

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Thinking Out Loud: Never Give Up

I’m still thinking about my writing career. Today has been one of those days where my head was filled with doubts. But a great friend has now made a pact with me to never give up hope on our dreams.

How wonderful life is when someone believes in you more than you believe in yourself. When they remind you of the reason you wanted this in the first place! Thanks again my lovely. If I ever make my name on the best sellers lists I’ll be sure to call out your name 🙂 heck… If I ever even get published and up for sale in a real shop, your name will be in my book!!

Here’s the whole thinking out loud part…

Creatures: what can I do with creatures?
I’m guessing they don’t have to be ugly, they don’t have to be bad and they don’t have to be big. That leaves me with pretty, good and small. But that makes me think of fairies.

A place: I want to write about a place that doesn’t exist except in my imagination. But right now my mind has blanked on me yet again. Why oh why does writer’s block always kick in when I have a spare moment to write?

My character: I always write as a boy/male. Maybe I should try writing as a female this time?

I love using diary extracts as part of my stories so I guess I will keep to this idea. Maybe this could be my best known author trait?

I know I want to create a magical world, with fairies or vampires or sorcery. But I want my work to stand out so it has to be different.

I wonder what was going through JK Rowling’s head when the whole Harry Potter adventure escaped through her pen?

Any tips or pointer’s to get me off on the right track? Any comments are much appreciated. Many thanks for reading this far. Please continue to support me on my better blogs 🙂

Please also continue to just be a curious busybody taking a peep into my life 🙂 x

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Depression is a real illness.

Of those who have been lucky enough to escape depression, many will think that this illness is just an exaggerated feeling of sadness.

In some ways it is. But depression consumes you. From one extreme to another it could just be that a person will always feel down and stressed, or if left untreated, could lead to suicidal attempts.

Depression can make you feel like you have been pulled into the darkness with all your energy drained from you. Everyday you could wish that you wont wake up. You could live your life like a robot, void of emotions and just feel empty.

If you have a friend or loved one who is having a bad day, you would try to help them right? Well don’t ignore the signs if someone you know or love is miserable for a long stretch of time. Depression can be a serious and long term problem. Don’t turn your back on someone important to you. Listen to them, talk to them, or make sure they go to someone who can help them.

It’s not practical to be signed off from work on sick leave. Especially if you are self employed, or have a family with young children, or have a demanding job that requires your personal attendance.

But something as simple as tablets can help change everything. It can help to clear your mind, lift your spirits and help you fight the battle back to reality. Doctors are more than supportive if you could only make the first step through that door and to talk.

Sometimes it’s easier to tell your problems to a medical professional (doctor/nurse). Anything you say is kept confidential and they should know how to help you best as long as you are honest with them.

It could well be the difference between life and death.

Sorry today’s blog is a bit sad, serious and depressing. Some days after a long week at work, I can’t sleep. Then my mind starts to wander and today, the subject I was thinking about was depression.

I want to remind people that it’s ok to admit to needing help. Sometimes it’s just that little boost that can help to put you back on the right path.

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