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Book Review #39: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5.

(Finished Reading: 20/11/13
My 38th book this year so far.)

A magically gifted teenager, Sophie, creates a love spell on prom night that turns out horrendously wrong.

The Council who overlook creatures such as werewolves, demons, fairies, vampires and witches, finally catch up with Sophie and send her to a reformers institute.

Stunned by a trio of witches with goddess like beauty, they try to initiate her into their coven only to be shunned by Sophie, gaining her the most terrible enemies on site.

Sophie’s chances of fitting in are doomed when she finds out her room mate is a vampire who everyone believes, murdered her previous room mate/best friend.

I loved the drama and magic. I love the supernatural beings in this book. Being a lover of all supernatural beings, this book was near perfect for me. Not a flaw by the author, but I felt this book was written for too young of an audience. I wish I had read this when I was much younger. Archer is such a wonderful, annoying boy to fall for and all the dramatics left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read book 2 to see what happens IF Archer is found alive.

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Hazy Reality: Story Extract

“A rush of warmth flushes across my cheeks as your image flickers through my mind. In a hazy blur of black,white and colour; a mixture of reality and a dream, you give me one of your rare but heart melting smiles. I love how one corner of your mouth always lifts higher just as you discreetly wink at me past all the oblivious others.

It doesn’t matter that you have gone from my reality because I see you by my side at every turn. I hear the song that reminds me of you, I feel your touch when you used to hold my hand. I smile as I imagine what you are doing. I close my eyes to a whole different life, where you and I belong together as one.

When I sing and dance to my favourite songs, you mouth the lyrics and tap your foot along with my tunes. When I cruise around the dark winding roads you used to drive through, I feel the rush, my heart flutters just like it did every time I saw your face.

So here I am, laying alone in the darkness, with a smile across my face. No matter how difficult my reality is, I look forward to my beautiful nights filled with happiness, laughter and most important of all, love.”

Written by Ling Lee (07/08/13).

Inspired by someone important in my life. Even though out of reach and out of my life, there’s still a way to be with your loved ones if only you open your mind and follow where your heart wants to lead you.

I hope you all find something to smile about 🙂 Thank you for reading. Apologies for my super short extracts. I am trying to work out how to gain some quiet time to concentrate and to dive into making my dream come true.

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The Flying Messenger: Story Extract

“A flutter of delicate wings fly across the lake. Her dainty little feet dip just below the surface, tracing an intricate pattern across the water. A dusting of sparkles fall from her wings, the sign to tell her sisters it’s safe to come out and play. She peers into the depths of the water, fidgeting in anticipation. A slight ripple of waves wash under her as her sisters rise up to the surface.

Moonlight shimmers across the lake as the rippling waves dance with the beautiful night creatures. A golden mass of hair cascades down her bare back whilst she cuts through the surface of the water to join her winged sister. With a mischievous grin she splashes and aims straight for Skyla’s translucent wings.

Darting away from the droplets of water, not wanting to spend another night sitting out from the fun, Skyla keeps her wings tucked away behind her back, dodging to the side and jumping onto a nearby rock. With her hand on one hip and a serious look on her face, she wiggles her index finger from side to side before bursting into a fit of giggles. The rest of her water sisters swim closer to join her, circling the rock that she’s sitting on.

Swimming in a jumble of arms and fins, the girls all chatter and fight for Skyla’s attention. Everyone wants to be the chosen one for a chance to walk mother nature’s earth…”

Written by Ling Lee (06/07/13).

I’m hoping to one day write more than one novel. With Faeries, Mermaids and other beautiful creatures who are all on a quest to save their realm from disappearing. They must remind human children that they exist. If no one believes in them then their species slowly but surely fall into a trance and become lost in a time of their own.

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Wanting You: Story Extract

“Gazing out at the lake, moonlight glimmers across the rippling water. Every movement creating a new sprinkle of light as it dances through the night.

My eyes look through the windscreen but my mind is captured by your presence. Trying to suppress the grin from spreading across my face, I glance sideways where you sit relaxed, with your body turned towards me and your back leaning against the driver’s side door. Our eyes meet and a tingle runs all over my body, skimming across my skin as though your hungry eyes have touched me.

A flush of heat rushes through me, lingering on my cheeks as I blush and look away. My hands lay restless in my lap whilst my mind remains confused. I don’t know if I should leave my hand on the edge of the seat or if I should keep them clamped together in my lap, fully aware of the sweat building in my palm.

I can feel you looking at me, my heart thumps loud and fast. I’m both nervous and excited to be so close to you. It feels like time has stopped and the only thing in the world that matters right now is you. I can hear my breath become rapid and shallow as I struggle to control my most basic needs. I wonder if you feel it too.

Glancing your way, I see your eyes connect with mine, my heart pounds an unfamiliar beat. I bite my lower lip to keep from grinning like a fool at you. Suddenly you lean forward, close enough so I can feel your breath stroke my burning cheeks.

Your eyes demand my undivided attention and somewhere in between, your fingers have wound through my hair, tracing slow, gentle circles at the nape of my neck. Gripping the edge of my seat for balance, I’m afraid to break the spell. Finally something good is mine. I see you close your eyes and feel your lips brush mine, soft and warm. Our first kiss, leaving me wide eyed and wanting more…”

Written by Ling Lee (13/06/13).

Something beautiful in life. Just a simple kiss making every bad thing disappear if only for a single moment.

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My Reason to Smile: Story Extract

“In a drugged up haze of cough mixtures, throat sweets and paracetamol. His eyelids fight to stay open, forehead streaked with his sweaty fringed hair, in this state he still looks handsome.

I smile inwardly and wish I could take away a little of his suffering. It’s funny how men act all brave and mighty, then the flu brings them down hard on both knees. It’s nice to be needed. With a warm flannel, I wipe his forehead and face.

I love the way his jaw relaxes and his lips part just a fraction. I can see the tip of his tongue resting on his lower lip, I long for his kiss. I watch my gentle giant sleep, the only time he ever stays still is when he’s fast asleep. I love to listen to his steady breaths, not quite a snore, but long heavy breaths. I watch his chest rise and fall. Placing my hand just above his heart, I feel the peaceful rhythm thump under my palm. I love lying on his chest, listening to the beat, having him to myself for just a moment more.

He takes a sudden staggered breath and curls up beside me. I stroke his hair and lean in to smell his musky scent, without all the sweet cologne he favours. I love the way he smells. I love the way he makes me feel all giddy and warm. He makes me feel alive and excited, his unpredictable, fun loving nature brings out the child in me. Everything about him is all about the present, there’s no need to think of the past and no time to think of the future. I’m lucky enough to have found the love of my life. I kiss his cheek and wrap his arms around me, cherishing each and every moment with my beloved…”

Written by Ling Lee (11/06/13).

The feelings in this piece are from a major part of my life. This extract is all about the love I felt, the warmth and the goodness because that’s all I let myself remember. My reason to smile.

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Blood Thirst: Story Extract

“What a dark night, without a single star to decorate this open canvas, only the moon shining proud and strong.

I instinctively sniff the air for my next meal of fresh human blood. Starved for days in a hope to kill my addiction but this feral need has taken control. The faint smell of warm iron flooding through a body, I hear her heart pump an erratic beat as her feet pounds the pavement, with every other beat, exhaling in bursts of breathlessness.

She is running for all the wrong reasons. She should be running away from me but her scent grows stronger with every step closer towards me, oblivious to danger. My face twitches as I fight to keep my canines from appearing. Sweat drips from the back of her ear, down her neck. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. Realising my mistake as her scent travels through my nose up my nostrils, hitting me right in the gut as my canines painfully extend.

Razor sharp nails cut into my palms as I struggle to stop myself from rushing over and draining her life right before her very eyes. The pain in my hands not nearly enough to distract me from my hunger for her blood. I watch her with a predatory snarl, straining against my humanity. I don’t want to kill her but in my current state she doesn’t have a chance. I can almost feel the skin on her neck against my lips, taste the iron warmth trickle into my mouth. My throat is dry, very dry. My tongue darts across my teeth, desperate for a taste of her life.

Two and a half days, the longest I have managed without blood so far. Now I leave that thought behind as I slip through the shadows to quench both my thirst and hunger.

Her eyes wide in shock, gazing right at me, I don’t know why I’m looking at her. Guilt crushes me as I feel her beg me to stop through the gurgling blood in her throat. I hesitate for a second as her eyes call out a silent plea, my breath catches as I realise she is still alive. Her heart still beating a light pitter patter and her breathing is staggered. I slow to a stop as I cradle her limp body against my own. I lick her wounds closed. Her life floods through my veins as her eyes drift open and closed, with every blink I feel my strength return.

I realise this is the first time I have fed without killing. Now I pace frantically considering my options. I can’t erase her mind now that she has fallen unconscious in my arms, I can’t risk leaving her out in the street in case she wakes to remember me. I don’t want to kill her which leaves me two choices. Do I take her back to my house or hers? …”

Written by Ling Lee (14/05/13).

Exactly the kind of writing I’ve been waiting to write. My love for vampires grows with every book, every movie and every scene I can imagine in my thoughts. I hope this is something that you might want to read more of. Thank you all for reading 🙂 x

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In the Club: Story Extract

“Tapping my feet in turn to the beat of the song, I’m itching to get up and do my thing on the dance floor. I watch as the sheen of sweat on their bodies sway, and snake around one another, a gentle brush here and a light touch there. Teasing and grinning at each other, the music pounding away, freeing themselves from the troubles of the day. Other bodies dance a whole different freestyle, grinding and grasping, their bodies moulded together as one. Stray eyes wander, wanting to see more of that delicate skin on display, hoping to get a dance in for themselves. 

The DJ stands, head bopping at his set, scanning the crowd relishing their enjoyment at his choice of tunes. Catching the eye of a lone girl, dancing away in the centre of the club floor, he winks as he spins the disc and increases the rhythm, closing his eyes as he raises a hand and hollers to his signature tune.

I sit in the dark, bay seat corner cradling my pina colada, dreaming of another time in another place when you were here. Hands on my hips swaying to the beat behind me, not quite touching but enough to tease causing a rush of heat to simmer through my body. My arm raised, snaked around the back of your neck, back moving against your toned torso. I close my eyes and sway to the DJ’s song, on my feet and creeping my way onto the floor. 

My fingers run down the side of my ribcage, across my exposed stomach as the strobe lights flicker their neon lights, I imagine your hands sneaking across my clothes and skin like they once used to. I lose myself to the tune and the heat, every beat taking away a second of my worries, I relax and let my feet and body take over. Peace washes through me as I swing my head from left to right, my hair flings and brushes past the closest body to mine. The frantic rhythm plays as my hips roll, merging myself into the crowd, a pair of stray hands capture me dragging our bodies into this exotic dance. All senses of danger elude me as I feel those hands roam up my thighs, I inhale and let this random body help me relive this daydream…”

Written by Ling Lee (09/05/13).

I love to hit the club but have never been daring enough to let a random body dance with me. I love to let the blasting beats drown out my troubles and let my body take over to the beats. The best relief in the world. If only I could hit the dance floor every night. Then all my troubles would run away with my mind. Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did when I wrote it. 

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Book Review #24: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished reading 04/05/13
My 23rd book this year.)

Travis is a crazy, unpredictable character. With women throwing themselves at him, he uses them and throws them aside. He likes to fight and has an all round crazy and self-destructive nature.

Along comes Abby who is dragged along to one of Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox’s fights. From the moment their eyes meet, Abby knows Travis will be nothing but trouble.

From an unwilling, rude and uninterested Abby to somehow becoming friends. Travis makes a bet with Abby, with the outcome being either Abby has to live with him for a month or Travis has to abstain from sex for a month.

Their tornado relationship jumps from every girls dream come true to every girls worst nightmare.

I love every moment of this book. As soon as I picked it up, I almost couldn’t put it down. 2 nights in a row I stayed up until past 2.30am flicking through page after page, needing to know what happens next.

This book is refreshingly unpredictable. I loved the craziness of their relationship. I LOVE how student life is portrayed and I loved how this romance had so many ups and downs. I laughed out loud, tears filled my eyes, frustration built up inside of me, relief and smiles. A rollercoaster of emotions were experienced through this book. If only each and every one of us were lucky enough to have a Travis in our lives. This is definitely a MUST READ! Highly recommended. Easily one of my favourite books of all time.

Well done Jamie McGuire and thank you for writing this crazy and amazing book!

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Honest Mistake: Story Extract

“Ry, it was so bad, you should’ve seen the look on his face.”
He laughs so hard tears spring to his eyes as he responds “Only you could do something like that K!”

Rolling my eyes at zero sympathy from my best friend, Ryan, with the additional taunts. I cross my arms and put on an all too serious face. I knew I should’ve kept my latest embarrassing moment to myself. But that’s what besties are for. Through better or for worse. We are inseparable and understand each other without a need for words. We can see something normal and look at one another then just break out into hysterical fits because we’d know what the other would’ve said. Like my current situation. I knew Ryan would die laughing but I had to tell him because at least one of us is laughing even though it’s at my expense.

Ry catches my eye, I can see him physically clamping his lips together in a miserable attempt at curbing his laughter and that’s all it takes to set him off again as he sputters his apologies in between gasping for air.

I guess my serious face doesn’t count for anything when Ryan’s involved. Even I can’t believe I did it. I was caught up in the moment. He was so close to my face looking apparently past me and not at me. We’ve sat at this coffee shop once a week for so long. We talk about the weather, talk about my princess then he said “Kiss me” so I did. Without thinking, I just leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. I inhaled ever so slightly and smelt his musky soapy scent. Then my lips brushed his cheek with my eyes closed. Then his eyes were wide open in shock as I realise he was talking to my 3year old daughter who was leaning over the table across me. Absolutely mortified I grabbed her and ran out.

So that’s why Ryan is now still dying from laughter as I sit in silence sulking about my honest mistake…”

Written by Ling Lee (18/04/13).

Did this piece work? I was just thinking about when a person likes someone and thinks about kissing them whilst they are talking at the same time. Could this really happen? Honest mistakes happen 🙂

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Vow of Abstinence: Story Extract

“I concentrate on dragging my eyes away from half a team of drop dead gorgeous rugby players. With their bulging triceps, biceps, abs and all sorts of muscles that strain against their striped t shirts. I curse under my breath at my bad timing for taking that vow of abstinence.

Why did I agree to this bet? One whole year and so far we have almost gotten through month one. Now these beautiful bodies are standing in line mocking me and this horrendous vow. I roll my eyes as my best friend knows my weakness to a man and big muscles. Especially one in particular with a tattoo peeking out from the sleeve of his top and his hair skinned to the scalp.

I love to run my fingers across that bald top and feel the bristles of stubbled hairs tickle under my fingertips. I’d love to examine that tattoo at a closer range to determine if it is in fact a dragon or a phoenix tail twitching for my attention.

Taking in a ragged breath, eyes closed and slowly exhaling. I remind myself of the year long swearing off men. Any form of sexual contact only excluding comforting hugs when the dark times reside in me. Then that bulk of baldness and tattoos backs right into me as he turns and his deep blue eyes hold my gaze. His laughing face falters whilst he looks right at me, stumbling for the words to form an apology for crushing my brand new Jimmy Choos…”

Written by Ling Lee (15/04/13).

This piece is a lot more fun. Restrictions and lust. The best emotions to toy with. A bit of fun. A lot of laughter when the girls can talk and look but not touch…

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