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Book Review #70: When We Collide by A. L. Jackson

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 30/08/14
My 29th book this year.)

William is forced to return home when his Aunt Lara is severely ill. But the problem is he hasn’t been home for 6years. He’s been avoiding his family, ignoring his past and trying to just survive through his messy marriage. With a secret full of darkness and pain William is torn between making the right decision and facing his past.

Maggie, such a timid girl with a disturbingly abusive father. When she meets Troy, she believes she has a chance to escape this life.

Life can never be so easy. When Maggie and William meet for the first time, there’s a distinctive pull and neither of them can ignore the other’s existence. Maggie’s life has run a vicious cycle and William wants to save her.

My Thoughts: ***SPOILER ALERT***

I loved this book. From beginning to close to the end. I felt the pain, the darkness, the sadness, the need. I felt the light in between every twist in the story.

I kept wanting Maggie to escape, but even so close to the end, I had no idea how the story would end. Reading through til 1.30am 2 nights in a row, I absolutely needed to find out what happened at the end.

This book is amazingly well written. Tears stung my eyes through the frustration whilst I willed Maggie to be strong.

I can’t say that I particularly liked any of the characters as I thankfully cannot relate to this type of life. But I would have hoped and thought more people would call out for help in these circumstances.

I loved the snatched moments and the trouble filled lives that each character lived. I loved how the book reminds me the importance of family, safety and love. I cherish my children, I felt my heart ache throughout this book, but I was thankful this type of life wasn’t one that I’m familiar with.

I’d highly recommend this book to everyone to read, both for awareness and for the intense and well written details at every turn.

I’d very much like to read more of this author’s work.

Written by Ling Lee (30/08/14).

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Book Review #69: Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 26/08/14
My 28th book this year.)

Ani is half mortal and half fae. She is a hound who feeds on both emotions and touch. Devlin is the Fae Queens’ assassin/brother and his life is somehow entwined with Ani’s.

Sorcha is the Fae Queen who has ordered Devlin to kill Ani, but for the first time in his life he disobeys his Queen/sister.

Bananach is Sorcha’s twin sister. The complete opposite of one another. Between them they create and keep Faery alive. Sorcha is balance but Bananach is discord.

Sorcha has been affected by something that is stopping her from keeping her world unchanged. Her priorities have changed, but Faery is suffering from her lack of concentration.

Can anyone save Faery from disappearing from existence? Can someone help Sorcha regain her focus and replenish and rebalance Faery again?

My Thoughts: ***SPOILER ALERT***
With too many secrets and too many issues, this book is definitely the most confusing of the series so far.

Too much happening and too much to digest. It seems no one can get along without something else interfering. I didn’t like this book at all but some of the scenes made me rate this a 3*. I loved the scenes between Devlin and Ani, but that was the only part that was really worth reading.

I’m really struggling with this review as there is too much to explain between the relationships with each character. I hate books that need “dumbing down” for readers. The constant reminder that Sorcha is Devlin’s mother-sister is all too frustrating. Yet without the explanation, many readers would probably be quite confused.

I miss all the beauty, the darkness, the stark differences between each of the courts. The main characters from the earlier books were barely mentioned. I’m hoping the next book focuses on the summer court again. I will probably still give the next book a chance but not any time soon. I can’t recommend this book to anyone yet I would still recommend the series as a whole.

Written by Ling Lee (26/08/14).

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Book Review #68: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 23/08/14
My 27th book this year.)

Mac just found out her sister is dead but before her last breath, she left a mysterious answer message to find the Sinsar Dubh. Now Mac is determined to find out who the killer was and do her sister justice.

Jumping in head first, Mac finds herself clueless. Wandering the streets of Dublin trying to find out if anyone knew of her sister and if there were any more leads to go by. Stumbling into a remotely located bookstore, set in the midst of abandoned buildings and dark alleys, Mac runs into Jericho Barrons.

Mr Barrons is a big man who throws off an unpleasant aura. An intimidating person whom Mac needs help from. Barrons is the first person, that Mac comes across, who knows anything about the Sinsar Dubh. Mac soon finds herself drawn into a dangerous world where Fae, vampires, super strength, shades and many other monsters exist. With a lot of persuasion Mac realises she also has powers. She is a sidhe seer and she is an important component in the search for the all important Sinsar Dubh.

My Thoughts:

I hate Mac. I hate pink. I hate how Mac is a real life doll. With her life continually at risk, she doesn’t even know who her friends or enemies are but she cares very much about her head to toe pink exterior.

Barrons on the other hand is much to my liking. A mysterious man, emanating power, intimidation and control. Someone who knows what he is in search for, but finds himself twisted into helping Mac the damsel, who believes she doesn’t need help. Yet at every turn of the book she is in trouble and continuously needs rescuing.

I love the idea of how the Far could exist in our world today. But my version of Fae creatures differ widely from the authors interpretation. I find it immensely unnecessary for her over exaggerated details about one monster in particular. NOT necessary to write about really gross and over developed male private parts, on an even more disgustingly described monster.

I’m confused as to whether this series will develop into 18+ material. This 1st book teases the reader and gives you much thought as to what sort of relationship Mac and Barrons REALLY want. Yet I am disappointed to know that not much really happens except that book 2 will no doubt be filled with many more disturbing creatures and a lot more rescuing this ungrateful girl.

I can’t say that I’d recommend this book to others but I have liked it enough to give book 2 a go at a later date.

Written by Ling Lee (23/08/14).

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Book Review #67: The Selection by Kiera Cass

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/08/14
My 26th book this year.)

Prince Maxon must choose a woman within Ilea to become his wife. 35 girls in his country from different classes and backgrounds become the “Selected”. Within these girls, Maxon must decide which will become the “One”.

Girls ranging from ultra poor to almost royal statuses, apply for a space in the “Selected”.

America has already found her true love, but she is poor and he is poorer. His pride stands in the way of asking for her hand in marriage. Between them, they decide the “Selection” must be a great opportunity for her family to have a better chance in life.

America applies but she has little faith in being chosen. The inevitable happens and she is soon whisked away onto royal grounds.

Prince Maxon waits for all the ladies to appear before him at the same time. Each girl gets a chance, but elimination begins from day one until he can decide on only one girl.

My Thoughts:
Prince Maxon is far from what I would expect. He he is kind hearted, a very soft, almost feminine character. Throughout the story, I never felt like any part of it could be real. That’s where the story lost rating for me. However I am a romantic, I love how Prince Maxon and America’s relationship change. I love how just like in real life, people’s hearts can be torn and uncertainty fills them. I love how America is confused between two men.
I adore the dresses. But I hate the petty girls like Celeste. I hate two faced girls, yet if this were to be a real life decision, I’m sure the outcome could have been a lot worse.
There’s so many flaws but also so much goodness in this book, therefore my overall rating is average. I’m very much looking forward to book 2. I want to know what happens to the remaining girls and how the men will chase America. I want to know if she makes the choice and if things turn out the way fairy tales should.

Written by Ling Lee (10/08/14).

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Book Review #66: Naked by Raine Miller

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 07/08/14
My 25th book this year.)

Brynne is an art student. When she has time, she is a photographic model. Her friend and photographer Benny has just produced another masterpiece and is now selling it at a show. The picture is amazing. Modelling completely naked, she has her body arranged in a way so as not to reveal any private parts. The piece is powerful, exotic, beautiful and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Ethan has his eyes on the art piece. Captured by the model, he makes sure he becomes a part of her life. In such a short space of time, he has been mesmerised. Ethan Blackstone knows what he wants and has no intention of giving up what he wants.

With his dominating nature, Ethan, forces his way into Brynne’s world. Overwhelming her, empowering yet not quite bullying her, he somewhat takes control of her life. Leaving only a safe word for her, he cuts her off mid sentence, every time Brynne tries to say something that he doesn’t want to hear.

Life feels so close to perfect, but when pasts come back to haunt them, they find themselves torn. But can they get past the pain and distrust?

My Thoughts:
I adore the name Ethan so I guess I was taking in as soon as I met him. But with such an overwhelming attitude, I wonder how it is possible for anyone to be in this kind of relationship.

Obviously, this book was written for it’s explicit, mind blowing scenes. But they come in bursts, too abrupt and completely out of sync with what is happening.

Brynne is such an irritating character. With a past that haunts her, I can’t believe how she can just fall into bed with Ethan and pretty much forgets to crawl back out unless to offer herself to him again in another room in the apartment or office.

The book was too focused on getting back to intimacy. I much prefer a bit more story and the explicit scenes to be drawn out rather than rushing from start to finish.

The ending was so unexpected that I’m still trying to work out how I feel about it. I definitely want to continue with this series as there is a lot of potential and a lot more security.

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Book Review #65: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 05/08/14
My 24th book this year.)

All teenagers have problems, but Meghan Chase has REAL problems. She can see what isn’t supposed to exist, but she just brushes it off and ignores it, thinking it’s just her wild imagination. Her brother, Ethan, is scared of the Boogeyman and monsters under his bed, but they are REAL. Meghan just goes along with the charade and pretends to help check for monsters, but she can’t see the ones that Ethan can see.

All of a sudden, one day, things change. Ethan has been switched by a changeling, mummy dearest is never home for long enough to know otherwise. Changelings are nasty and now Meghan has to somehow bring Ethan back from “The Fey”.

With her best friend in tow, Meghan must believe in everything you could possibly imagine. She meets every creature in the NeverNever and she has many choices and deals to make until she can fulfil her quest. With her best friend Robbie as a bodyguard, Meghan rushes through NeverNever in a search to rescue her brother. On her journey, she discovers a massive secret that can change her life forever.

My Thoughts:
I love magic and the beauty of what a wild imagination can create. The world of NeverNever was beautifully described but there were a few things about this book that were annoying for me.

There was too much happening in such a short space of time. Once Meghan enters NeverNever she doesn’t have much time to pause before something else jumps into the story. We meet creature after creature but a lot of it feels unnecessary. Maybe some of it could have been saved for future books. The fey introductions were too rushed.

There was a lot of emphasis on her life or death situation. Pretty much everything wants to eat her, hurt her or capture her for their court Royals. At every turn she needs rescuing or has gotten herself into another situation. She is continually warned, but repeatedly makes the same mistakes over and over.

Another major problem for me was Grimalkin the cat. There was an uncanny resemblance to the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”. I’m not sure whether this was intentional, just to remind us that everything that has ever been created was “real”. Every time the cat appeared, I felt annoyed that the author took someone else’s idea.

The storyline itself was decent. My favourite character is Ash, the Prince of the Winter Court. He doesn’t want to be good, but his heart is very much warm. I love how he tries to remain loyal to his Queen but is torn between his feelings for Meghan. His emotional ups and downs make this book much more enjoyable to read.

I would definitely recommend this book. I hope book 2 will be better, with less introductory characters and more story to read.

Written by Ling Lee (06/08/14)

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