Fate & Destiny

Letting go with Hope: Story Extract

“Golden rays filter through the window blinds. The warmth radiates across my bare legs as I lay on the bed enjoying this rare peaceful moment. I love looking up at the sky. Whether it be a moonlit night or the purple fused orange skies, everytime I look up I take a deep breath and sigh away my troubles.

My mind wanders off into a place where I used to be so free and wild, happy and young. When his fingers would trace random patterns across my face and jaw whilst I held his undivided attention as his eyes locked with mine. We used to spend our days lost in a world where only the two of us existed. No pain, no stress and no worries.

I held on to these moments but they kept me enchanted in the past and I could never move forward. Today something feels different, it stopped being us. Today I realised it’s just me now.

It’s a terrifying thought to be alone, without his arms to catch me when I fall. Without his hand to hold mine and guide me through the days. Without his reassuring smile to remind me that everything will be ok.

Today it’s just myself I can rely on. I’m afraid of making the wrong choices because then it’s only my fault. But I gaze up at the sky filled with wispy clouds and its beautiful glow, then I tell myself that it’ll be ok. The golden light gives me hope and the strength to move on and live a life that was never ment to include him. I need to live and breath and experience the world, with a hope of meeting the one who was ment to be for me.”

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Fate & Destiny

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some people believe that God is the reason, others think it’s free will and personal choices that lead them to where they are now.

I think that everyone’s fate and destiny has been mapped out for them. But the path that they take to get there is up to them. The easy path where you do all that is right, or the long and winding path full of obstacles and temptations that delay you from your destined end.

I believe everyone has a soul mate. But not everyone is lucky enough to be with them during every lifetime. Sometimes you might love someone so much you think you will die without them. I think this person is the one that fate brought into your life, but destiny didn’t have enough time to keep you together.

Never give up hope. Life has too many up’s and down’s. Maybe today doesn’t feel right, but tomorrow could bring you all the joy in the world when you
meet the one who you are destined for.

If you were not ment for each other then nothing can keep you together. But if you were ment for one another, nothing can keep you apart. Fate and destiny always go together. That’s why love brings so many unexpected surprises.

I hope all you reader’s who’ve not yet found your better half, will meet them soon so you can live your happily ever after. 🙂

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