Currently Reading: (16%) Life of Pi by Yann Martell

As part of the ‘TBR book pile challenge’ I am reading Life of Pi by Yann Martell. This book is on the list of ‘1001 books to read before you die’. It is also a recommended read from friends and family members.

Progress: I am only 16% into this book so far and this book has already covered bullying, experiences of being from a different country, life lessons to the extreme, the importance of religion.

The author has a way of helping us see from another perspective. I’m looking forward to the rest of this book. So far the only down side to this book is the sudden jump of topic between chapters. Sometimes it seems irrelevant and disrupts the flow of exotic ‘experiences’ as Pi.

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3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: (16%) Life of Pi by Yann Martell

  1. I was wondering whether to put this book on my”to read” list or not xD So I am curious to see your final verdict.
    Also, I think they are going to make a movie based on this book.

    • To smallripple: Life of Pi movie is already out (at the cinema) in the uk. I heard the movie is as good as the book (rarely hear this). Usually books are much better than the movie versions. I want to finish the book before watching the movie 🙂

      You should start this book and I bet you will finish before I do! I work a lot and don’t seem to have much time to relax and read. But because of the book challenge, I might sleep an hour or half an hour less, just to squeeze in some extra reading time 🙂

  2. I actually loved this book a whole lot more than I thought I would have! It’s one of the best ‘classicish’ novels I have read to date!

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