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Book Review #37: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 28/10/13
My 36th book so far this year.)

This book is about a runaway Moroi Royal Vampire known and Lissa and her possible future Dhampir guardian called Rose. Strigoi Vampires are the darkest and evil of Vampires. They are all after Lissa who holds a secret magical gift.

St Vladimir school finally gets them back onto Campus and this is where the rest of this book takes place.

Like any other school full of teenage students there is much gossip between friendship groups. Rivalries between those who fight for the same person they are crushing on. Cunning plans to humiliate those they dislike and the power struggle for popularity amongst them all.

St Vladimir’s believe all Moroi vampire’s are safer on site, but Rose believes otherwise. She searches and explores every possibility to prove her suspicions as well as protecting her best friend no matter what.

The book started off quite slow and I expected much more action. I could only stretch to a 3 star review. There’s only so much you can write about when a bunch of teenage girl’s “fight”.

The book is definitely written for a younger audience, say early to mid teens. But I love the idea of the Strigoi and I still want to read the next book of the series to find out if Lissa can develop her powers without becoming Strigoi.

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Book Review #36: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 22/10/13
My 35th book this year.)

This book is full of pain and secrets. The troubles that children suffer about in silence. Some are strong enough to live through it but are forever haunted by awful memories. Some give up fighting.

Callie has a big secret that changed her life on her 12th birthday. Kayden has a secret just as big, his secret got worse as he grew older.

When they reached university, they both found one another and somehow managed to talk through their secrets. Helped one another deal with the pain.

I don’t know what to write about for this review because I hate the subject matter. To talk about it would be to reveal their secret.

I loved this book but I hated the ending so that’s why it only received 4.5 stars. Kayden’s a hero in his own way an Callie is a fighter. I can’t ever imagine this kind of upbringing so I found it very disturbing and uncomfortable to read. They didn’t choose the wisest way to conquer their fears but ultimately they have beaten their demons in some way.

This book is well worth reading but it’s very difficult to write about or discuss without spoiling the story for anyone who wants to read it.

(Sorry for this possibly being my worst written review so far.)

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The Woman I Call Mummy: Story Extract

“The scent of sugar and pastries waft in the air leaving my mouth gaping open as I try to eat everything I can smell. My mouth waters whilst my belly rumbles as I consciously unwrap my arms from around my thin body. My cheeks ache from the forced smile on my face. My eyes concentrate solely on the woman I call Mummy. I watch her make her way round the school fundraiser, chattering away to every mother and child as she encourages them to buy raffle tickets and all the sugary goodness on sale.

I flinch ever so slightly as her fingers ruffle the next child’s hair, subconsciously I rub the sore patch on the back of my head from my so called accident. She looks at me and before she can ignore my presence, another mother has just noticed me and urges her to give me a chocolate covered donut from her stall. As her lips curl up into a smile, I can see the fire and hatred in her eyes. I squint away my tears and skip toward her.

She leans over with her arms outstretched as she awkwardly holds me by the shoulders and pulls me toward her. Her lips meet the top of my head but I can feel her tense and grit her teeth as she lingers for just a second before standing up tall again. Glancing around, she plasters that grin back on her face as the same woman tells her what a wonderful child she has. I feel the slightest flicker of warmth in my heart, then that familiar ache settles in my chest as I remember mother will never love me…”

Written by Ling Lee (19/10/13)

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Book Review #35: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 17/10/13
My 34th book this year.)

This book is about a feisty young aspiring writer called Jocelyn. With a disturbing past full of loss and pain, she struggles to maintain friendships an to let people get close to her.

Moving to Dublin Street, she shares a cab with a sexy arrogant stranger and she finds herself thinking about him for the next few days.

Jocelyn’s new housemate is Ellie. Through much drama, Ellie and Jocelyn form a bond if friendship.

The sexy stranger appears in Jocelyn’s life again in the most awkward moment. Naked and shocked, Jocelyn gives him an earful of abuse and from there, a very messed up and confusing relationship takes place.

The first chapter of this book drew me in straight away, but the next few chapters up to 30% into the book was immensely slow going. Much of a teaser but not giving us as the reader enough to go on. That’s why this book only got a 4.5 star rating.

Everything after that point in the book became action, drama and non stop attitude between the lead roles. I loved Joss and her fiery nature, I sometimes loved the way Braden was such a caveman. But there are times when his ego got the better of me and it was a little over the top.

All in all, the book gets better, the more you read. I laughed out loud, I shed a tear or two with a massive limp in my throat. I love books that draw me in enough to make me feel the pain, the happiness and I feel like I am part of the story. Well done Samantha Young for this amazing book!!

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Broken Dreams: Story Extract

“I’ve fallen hard and there’s no one around to hear my hysterical outburst. My heart is pounding, looking for a way to escape from my body because the pain has become too much to endure. Tears stream from my eyes and mucus runs from my nose but I only have two hands that can’t keep up with the wiping. My lungs are fighting for breath but I wish I could just stop breathing.

I think this is me giving up. With a dream too far away to reach and any hopes have been shattered like a crystal glass. Hope is a beautiful thing but once it’s broken, it splinters into too many pieces to put back together. Don’t get too close to the broken pieces because every piece hurts, reminding me of the hope that once was.

With a hollow, empty stare my reflection mocks me in the glass window. Transparent, almost invisible just like me in this world. I see the first fold at the corner of my eyes and I feel the weight of my 30years crash down on me. My first wrinkle as a reminder of the hardships I’ve been through. Another tear slides across my cheek as I accept my fate and clench my jaw, biting against the emotional torture, fighting for control once more…”

Written by Ling Lee (16/10/13)

One day when you look into the mirror and suddenly see all that is real. Wishing to turn back the years only to make the same mistakes all over again. I see laughter and smiles all outside of my reach. It hurts that much more to see it but not have it. Life means nothing without happiness.

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Book Review #34: Fever by Maya Banks

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 10/10/13
My 33rd book this year.)

This book is about an extremely wealthy man called Jace, who is business partners with his 2 best friends, Gabe and Ash.

Gabe happens to be Jace’s brother in law. Ash and Jace have a much more complicated relationship as they like to share the same woman, at the same time, that is until Jace spots Bethany at a party.

Bethany’s life is the complete polar opposite of the sort of lives the trio lead. She is homeless, working odd jobs and fighting to survive in this world.

I enjoyed this book but at the same time, it was too much like book 1. Jace might aswell be the same man as Gabe. The way Maya Banks writes this character makes me wish this 2nd book was Gabe, as he was the original man my heart fell for.

Unfortunately for me, this story was predictable right from the start and I don’t believe this sort of thing happens in real life to real people. So a book is a book. The content was ok. Much of the book is 18+ material, so I guess for this type of book, the story was decent.

I would definitely recommend book 1 of the series. Not this 2nd book, I’m assuming book 3 follows on about Ash finally meeting a woman of his dreams but I could well be wrong. I definitely need a long break from this series.

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Trying to Drown: Story Extract

“I thought I was stronger. Everything I have fought for in this life means absolutely nothing when my last reason to smile has vanished. Faced with uncertainty from the bad choices I have made, I drag my beat up body across the border. The line that divides the heavens and the earth.

The first thing that hits me is the sheer coldness of the water seeping into my shoes and spreading from my toes to my ankles, creeping up my shins right up to my knees. I keep pushing forward as a wave pushes me back, it feels like my spirit has already rushed on without me. My instincts urge me to turn and head for land, but my mind is stronger as I struggle to stay upright, pushing on deeper. Broken shells crunch under my feet, tears roll down my cheeks, dripping into the water as I stride with purpose behind every step. Slipping on a slimy patch of undergrowth I lose balance. With my arms outstretched I instinctively try to break the fall. My palms splash through the water followed quickly by the rest of my defeated body. As my head submerges, survival mode kicks in. I hold my breath as my mind fights for my body to give life another chance.

My lungs scream for oxygen, desperate to inhale, I know I will drown if I breathe in. Confusion settles in as I came here to drown myself, yet in the midst of this struggle, my body is fighting for my life. A bright searing light pours through my closed eyelids and an agonising pain burns through the sides of my neck as my hands grasp at my neck and my nose. Even though I’m not inhaling I swear I can smell blood, I know if I don’t relax I will die. I was so certain that today was the last day of my life, but then my feet connect with the bottom of the sea floor. I stop panicking and kick up towards the light.

My face bursts through the water barrier back to the real world. Gasping for breath I keep batting at my neck as the burning sensation doesn’t fade away. It feels like there’s slits on both sides of my neck. I feel like I’m drowning on air whilst my mind wonders if I cut myself. I hear voices shouting in the distance as my vision fades and I collapse back under the water, face first…”

Written by Ling Lee (07/10/13)

This could be part of a new idea but I’m not sure that there’s enough of an audience for this subject. I love mermaid’s but all the mermaid books I have read are either for very young children or for 18+ adults. I was hoping to accidentally become one of my childhood favourite characters, but I wanted to keep this book for older readers 15yrs+ I want to follow through with my character’s difficult life. See what it feels like to give up on life but to then realise there’s a whole new world beyond what our eyes can see.

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