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Innocent Beauty: Story Extract

“Long fluttering eyelashes, full pouty lips. Without a hint of make up on her delicate features, her beauty renders me speechless.

Her innocence brings a warmth through my body. A smile plays across my lips as I see concentration etched onto her face. She’s staring into the sink, cheeks flushed, scrubbing away. Hovering across from her I try desperately not to reach out to tuck those stray strands of hair behind an ear for her.

Teeth tugging at her inner lip, I watch her pick up the next glass and wonder if her lips taste as sweet as I imagine. I want to run my tongue across her lower lip and sink my teeth onto her lip the way she is unintentionally teasing me.

My gaze has wandered down her baby soft skin, travelling past her chin, down the side of her neck and followed the drop of her necklace into the V of her top. I try to avert my eyes and turn my head before anyone catches me looking. I can’t help myself. Even with my head turned, my eyes are sneaking a peek down her top.

I chide myself for my terrible behaviour. Guilt floods through me as she looks up and her eyes connect with mine. I don’t know if she’s caught me but I choose to smile and my breath catches ever so slightly when she smiles right back at me…”

Written by Ling Lee (30/3/13).

Writing from a male perspective. I wonder if this is too girly? I hope this works because it’s not the same to write about looking at a handsome man.

I just had this extract in my head. It’s been bursting to jump onto the page and it’s now a lot later than I expected. Totally exhausted and need to KO for the night. I’ll read this in the morning and hope it’s still as good as I’m hoping once I read it again in the morning. Goodnight and sweet dreams to you all! X

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Window to his Soul: Story Extract

“A goofy grin spread wide across his face reaching all the way to his eyes, crinkling up at the corners. His infectious smile makes me grin right back at him, captured by the window to his soul.

People say that about a persons eyes. As I look through his eyes I see fun and laughter. Humour and mischief dance in those beautiful gems we so plainly call eyes.

Enchanted by those twinkling blue stones, we read one another’s soul. Without so much as a word or a touch I can see deep into his being. I see past the playfulness and notice a flicker, just a slight hesitation as his eyes dart left and right, I know of his fear. He’ll never tell me his story but I know it was full of pain and regret.

Just as suddenly, his expression takes a turn as his eyes become intense like a predator trained on its prey. His blinking eyelids, still and slow down. Holding my gaze he steps forward to cover the distance that separated us and crushes me against his chest.

I feel his ribcage expand as he inhales deeply against the side of my neck placing an ever so gentle kiss to mark me. He raises his head resting his forehead against mine. I lose myself in his soul, as he holds me captive, but I trace no fear. Only strength, need, protection and love…”

Written by Ling Lee (26/03/14).

If only you could see the real truth just by looking at someone. I believe there are a few who are skilled enough to know everything about a person just by looking directly at them, piercing their gaze seeing into their soul.

I love being lost in a loved ones gaze.

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Book Review #20: Witch Fire by Anya Bast

I rate this book 2.5 stars out of 5

(Finished Reading on 26/03/13
My 19th book this year.)

I thought I’d love this book. I love magic, witchcraft, erotic scenes and a change from my latest book choices.

I felt overwhelmed by the amount of sex in this book. It’s erotica, using the pretense of a storyline to make it a novel. It could well be 70% sex and minimal story.

I loved the idea of the fire element and air element fusing together. I love the way Anya Bast has thrown a new way to see magic into the minimal storyline, but I’d much prefer to read the actual story.

The sex scenes were quite repetitive and didn’t seem to work for me.

The characters didn’t really feel real to me. They really were just fictitious characters that I couldn’t really warm to.

I’m hoping this author will write another series about magic and use a lot less sex scenes. She’s good at the storytelling so I feel like she should stick to the magical story weaving.

All in all, if you want to read sex scenes then this is the book for you. But if you want an exciting story to blow your mind and keep you thinking then don’t waste your time with this one.

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Drawn to Him: Story Extract

“I’m drawn to this brute of a man who emanates safety and protection. Just what I need if I could ever love again.

Some people have no sense of personal space. Like the brute I just referred to. He’s standing right in front of me. So close we’re almost touching. Staring up into his eyes, my breath catches and I’m afraid to exhale, conscious of the onion in the salad I just had for lunch.

What am I even thinking? He’s talking and I can’t seem to make sense of the words. He looks amused at my flustered response. I try really hard to focus on what he’s saying but all I can do is look at his expression. Amusement and mischief dance in his eyes as they crinkle at the corners whilst he awaits my response.

I’m not sure if he just made a joke or asked me where the men’s room is but I subconsciously choose to giggle. I stop midway mortified at myself. I rarely even laugh, I think I just dropped my dignity when his aura got close enough to invade mine.

My cheeks must be roasting hot and red as I drag my eyes to the floor and take a calming breath. I wish I didn’t now. I should’ve just stopped breathing when I had the chance. My nostrils flare with the musky sweet scent that surrounds him. I’m about to collapse into a heap as my legs fail to cooperate.

I’m not even sure if I opened my mouth to respond yet, but I hear his husky voice and throaty laugh. My eyes quickly dart left and right to check if he’s been talking to someone else. It seems I have his full attention.

Slipping a piece of paper into my hand, a spark of energy pulses up my arm from the brush of his skin on mine. What am I getting myself into? He saunters off out the door leaving my mouth open, speechless. I’m not even sure what just happened. Taking a look at the scrunched up piece of paper. He left me his number and an initial ‘K’.

Trouble written all over in invisible words float around me. I think I got caught and pulled into a new game. Maybe this time I won’t get hurt…”

Written by Ling Lee (23/03/13).

Usually when people get into my personal space, it’s unwanted attention from some sleazy old guy or something. I wonder how many people are lucky enough to meet someone who renders them speechless and breathless without even a touch. Oh the possibilities where this extract might lead. 🙂

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Book Review #19: Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished reading on 21/03/13
My 18th book this year.)

I wondered how Rebecca Donovan would make the 2nd book of this series better than the first. Average ratings are higher for this second book but I disagree.

The book was still good. But I preferred ‘Reason to Breathe’.

Evan became less of the man that I had hoped to see more of. He was still good to Emma but he didn’t understand her. He kept asking for Emma to trust him when he left plenty of room for doubt and jealousy when Analise appeared.

Emma had already been through so much in book one, only to live through another traumatic year. It’s too sad how her relationship with Rachel is so rocky. It’s unfair for Emma to have almost nothing to be happy about.

I wanted Jonathan, (Emma’s mum’s boyfriend) to save her. With their shared secrets and difficult pasts, they help each other and leave trails of destruction behind.

I still want to read the final book of the series when it’s finished but I don’t have the urgency and impatience that I’d expected whilst I await the read.

There was too much emotional abuse and not enough effort in between to make things work. The dramatic fight scene was a bit too over the top for me and proved to be a bit pointless.

I’d probably not recommend this book to people because it’s too dark. But the first book is a must read!

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Buried Alive: Story Extract

“The thud and impact of every mound of earth hitting my immobilised legs, ribcage, stomach. One heap at a time, I can feel the earth covering me, little by little I feel the weight slowly crushing me, forcing the breath out of me. I keep trying to claw at the mud, frantically trying to escape, but somehow my entire body is paralysed. I feebly attempt to work my way free as one finger has regained movement, twitching away at the earth with little difference.

Trying to scream through the gag in my mouth, contemplating the chances of survival. Tears run freely down my temples as I realise all the things I ever wanted to achieve and how little I have accomplished till this day.

A silent scream erupts from within, wide eyed in terror, panting and fighting for air to refill my lungs. Sitting straight up in bed, an over sized t-shirt drenched in sweat, clings to my back.

My worst nightmare has surfaced once again. Convincing myself of being safe and it was just a dream proves to be harder to believe than to say out loud.

I can still feel the lingering effects of being buried alive.

Relief seeps in as I take in my surroundings, then disappointment engulfs me. My survival means all the thoughts running through my head are confirmed. I’m a failure. I have achieved nothing. I am a nobody. If I were really buried alive, I don’t think I would be called in as a missing person because nobody would miss me…”

Written by Ling Lee (20/03/13).

Nightmare!! One of the worst ways to die? Just a thought…

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Battling Self Destruction with Love: Story Extract

“It’s not easy to walk away and forget about the consequences because I know the guilt will eat me raw from the inside out. I’m afraid of the rage that’s kindling within me like a freshly lit fire. A tiny spark that can cause destruction in seconds. My anger feels intense, waiting for something to ignite me to the brink of exploding.

I’m not sure how much longer I can contain my emotions. Crazed into fits of hysterical outbursts, he’s driving me insane. I wish I could just pack up and leave but I can’t. I can’t leave my precious baby behind, but I’m afraid to lose custody if I try to walk away.

The love I have for my child is indescribable. But her father is destroying me. I am but a shadow of my former self. My enthusiasm for life has long ago been diminished like the snuffing out of a mighty bonfire.

Good memories fail to surface. I try so hard to remember the days when he used to make me smile, but all my mind can bring up are the terrible arguments, then the silence, then the disgusting looks that exchange between us. I wonder why it isn’t already over. But I know it’s for my daughter.

Out of desperation, I need my daughter to have a father in her life. My own father was everything I ever needed in a parent. The love, the memories, the lessons in life. I don’t want to deny my daughter of this choice.

Deep down I know I am destroying myself. I’ve fallen so far into the darkness. I don’t know if I can ever crawl out of the shadows. But I hang on to life by mere threads. For my daughter I must keep struggling through life. I keep reminding myself that one day things will be better. My daughter is worth more than my life can ever provide for her.

For my daughter I square my shoulders, lift my chin up and face the day ahead. Then I look at her innocent face as she leans over to kiss my cheek, my face melts into a smile that brings tears to my eyes…”

Written by Ling Lee (18/03/13).

My children are my world. My present and my future. I am a parent who protects my child from every danger, every hurt, and every pain. Not every child is lucky enough to have that.

Just a reminder to appreciate what you have. Have a good day all!

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Book Review #18: Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished reading on 15/03/13
My 17th book this year)

I absolutely loved this book. I guess I was expecting a happily ever after and this ending took me by surprise because it was in some ways the perfect end to the first book of the series.

Evan was an amazingly romantic character. Mysterious and thoughtful, well mannered and charming. I loved how he brings love and hope to Emma’s routine and struggle through life.

We watch how Emma tries to keep everyone out of her life to protect them from learning the truth and being hurt. We watch how she becomes stronger and more daring as the novel progresses.

We watch her develop friendships and as she tries to push Evan away to keep her secret, she gets drawn to Drew who is just as handsome and popular.

The most important part of Emma’s life is her best friend Sara. How she supports her friend, her concern grows and Emma fights to stop the truth from becoming public.

I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s full of passion and I felt the love, the heat, the apprehension at all the right places. I’m very much looking forward to book 2 of this series.

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Muscles and Tattoos: Story Extract

“My throat feels like someone has been scraping at it from the inside with a metal spoon. It hurts to swallow, it hurts to talk, but still I can’t stop this smile from escaping my lips.

Watching as he stands with his back to me, I imagine trailing my fingers across the bottom of the back of his head. Stroking the short cut of his hair just at the dip at the back of his neck. Oblivious to my watchful gaze, he continues to chatter in that husky voice on his phone.

He has a mesmerising voice, drawing me to eavesdrop as I hope he’s not in a serious relationship. His eyes look so sharp and serious I’m afraid to get caught listening in. I look away and get on with my work before my day dreaming becomes a not so amusing nightmare.

My eyelids are drooping as I count down the hours until the end of my shift. I think it must be nearly time for my next dose of meds. The minutes feel like hours, time at work passes by in slow motion. My only perk is sneaking peeks at the beautiful muscles, teasing me through his semi transparent shirt.

He has a tattoo inked across his back that I’d very much like to get a closer look at. I’d like to trail a finger along the outline of the tattoo as though I were the one to mark him. Tattoo’s are unbelievably hot, my ultimate weakness alongside a nice set of muscles.

My heart pitter patters that little bit faster just imagining getting my hands on those delicious muscles. Another grin escapes my lips as my mind wanders off into another time with my mysterious muscly tattoo man…”

Written by Ling Lee (17/03/13).

Perks of the workplace? Without a doubt, I love when a handsome muscly tattooed man sits within my line of sight. Work becomes all that more interesting as the fantasies linger and blend into a day dream.

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Hopeless Despair: Story Extract

“Staring out at the blackness surrounding me, the perfect match for my mood.

Insomnia mocks my restless body. Refusing to let my mind escape from my excuse of a life.

I don’t know when I fell back into the darkness, I just know I have fallen with no one around to save me.

A shiver runs through my body as I realise I’m truly alone. No one wants to be dragged into self pity. No one needs to be reminded of how fragile life can be. Where any tiny event can cause a random victim’s downfall.

I ache for someone to hold me and remind me of the warmth that love creates. I need someone to support me and encourage me to stay strong. I long to live within old happy memories, because the future ahead holds little hope…”

Written by Ling Lee (14/03/13).

When you let go of the hope that once made you strong.

Fighting on for my dream to come true. Some days are harder than others. But every experience broadens my hunger to explore the words that burst to be read.

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