Sleepless Nights: Story Extract

“Drowsy and lethargic, she is rolled up tight in the duvet. Feet tucked in close to her body, like a child who is afraid of the night, she has her body hidden deep within the covers. A false feeling of safety washes over her as she battles the confusion in her mind.

Images flash in and out of her mind, those of pale skinned, sunken eyed beings hunting her, chasing her. Adrenaline rushes through her veins as she waits for the golden sunlight to exorcise her nightmares, heart pounding furiously as each face taunts her every time she falls into a deep slumber.

Lately her nightmares have taken a turn. More intense, more vivid. She wakes up sitting bolt upright, silently screaming, mouth wide open, tears streaming down her face but no sounds escape her. She fears for her safety in the depths of the night, faces haunt her reaching closer with every dream.

Shaking under the covers, knees pulled up to her chins, she rocks, trying to evade sleep, but her eyelids remain closed as she feels a spell of exhaustion lull her into a semi conscious wake…”

Written by Ling Lee (21/05/13).

Tortured by nightmares, being gifted with the sight, she doesn’t understand it so she fears it. Being pulled into a world where vampires really exist, she fights with logical reasoning to stay sane.

I’m really enjoying every moment of inspired words. I hope I can make use of these extracts and piece them all together for a novel.

Please keep up with my journey and keep supporting me all!! X

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First Blood part 2: Story Extract

“She screams at the sight before her. Feathers, blood and dead chickens lay in the middle of her barn. Instead of running back into the house she wanders closer to the heap of bodies for a closer look. Broken legs and necks, but none of the flesh had been mauled at. Confused, she keeps thinking until one word springs to mind… Vampire. Then she scolds herself at even considering there is such thing in real life, yet she can’t think of a logical reason for this attack. An animal attack would have left guts strewn around the area, more mess and less flesh on the bodies. She knows because it has happened before. The bodies would be torn apart, but these bodies just look dead and possibly drained of blood. What an unusual find. She shuffles back to the barn entrance in her well worn slippers. Clutching at her robes from the chill of the night air. The barn door is destroyed, one side hanging off a broken hinge. Wooden planks broken, sharp ends protruding in different directions. It looks like something crashed into the barn with a lot of force.

Coming to her senses, she realises the possible dangers lurking in the night and turns to rush back to the house and report her findings to the police. Calm and collected, she dials the number, soon after, the police come round to record the nights events, they finally leave with photographs and sheets of paperwork for their case. Once they have left she checks her windows and doors before heading back upstairs to her welcoming bed.

Tossing and turning, exhausted but sleep alludes her, she gets up and wanders over to the bathroom. She stares into the mirror and gets a feeling of someone watching her. Not one to be paranoid she turns to look over her shoulder, a silhouette clearly stands outside her window…”

Written by Ling Lee (19/05/13).

Not such an exciting extract but the next part none the less. I feel like this vampire story could be a start to my first novel. Toying around with a few ideas of story lines and subject matter. I don’t want to give up too much of the story so I might write part 3 from my vampires point of view, then keep the rest of this piece secret until later on. I’m really enjoying finally taking another small step closer towards my dream.

Thank you all for staying with me through this journey. Especially Charlie Cooper for your support at every turn! X

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First Blood: Story Extract

“Crazed in an unstable frenzy of bundled up nerves. I’ve woken up with sensory overload. My eyes are stinging at every streak of light, scrunching them up tight, I try to cover them with my open palms. In the darkness I can hear worms wriggling through the earth, mice scurrying across floorboards, the rush of blood bursting through bodies with every beat of the heart.

I’m aware of an unbelievable thirst and find myself scampering, part running, trying to hold my body upright as I head for the first source of water echoing up the well. I trip and fall almost head first at the rough stone ridge of the well. Gripping the edge to stabilise myself, it crumbles in my hand like a digestive biscuit. I stare in awe for a split second before grabbing the handle and turning for the bucket to bring up the thirst quenching water. My throat is parched, the inner walls are so dry it feels like my throat has closed up and stuck together.

I can hear the chickens in the nearby barn, hay shuffling across the concrete floor as they ruffle their feathers to keep warm in their peaceful slumber. Desperately dehydrated, the bucket finally reaches the opening as I grab it and dunk my mouth and nose into the water, gulping like my life depended on it. I rear back and splutter, gasping for air and choking at this seemingly foreign liquid, tasting of dirt. My throat constricts as my body tenses, listening to the dull thud of every beat, pushing the blood through veins and arteries. My thoughts run wild as my hands tear at my hair, I smell the metallic tinge of iron as a clump of hair comes away in my hand. Suddenly I realise my situation, hazy memories flicker in and out of my mind. I was left for dead, but I am now awake and standing. My posture awkward, my crazy thirst driving me wild. Honed in instincts of survival kicking in as all I can hear is the blood rush and all I can smell is the metallic taste of blood.

I turn in the direction I came from sprinting as fast as I can, I burst through the barn doors, scaring the chickens into a wide eyed frenzy of beating feathers and increased heart rates. Excitement runs through me as I lick my lips and grab the nearest chicken by the legs and I feel something snap, it’s wing’s flapping at me trying to escape my grasp. All I can hear is it’s blood, teasing me with it’s warmth. Without another thought, My other hand grabs it along the neck, I tear into it’s throat, getting a mouthful of feathers. I can’t decide if I should swallow them along with the blood or stop to spit them out. My need for the blood is too strong. I can’t stop. The blood spurts at my face, down my chin, as the chicken finally stills, I realise it is dying but I continue to drink from this makeshift flask until there’s not a drop left.

Such a small animal and so little blood. I throw away the remains and reach out for the next body. This time pausing to rip out the feathers around its neck and tucking its wings into its body to make an easier meal. Somewhere into my 5th drink, I seem to have gained an ounce of control. My ears pick up a new sound, of feet shuffling across the short grass. A new delicious smell, sweet as honey, a much louder rhythm sings through her veins. I panic as I realise I’m about to drain her if she comes any closer, so I bolt out of the back of the barn and sprint like a wild animal escaping, running for my life.

I stand, shaking, staring at my hands. Seeing the bloody mess I have made. My eyes seem to be adjusting as the shadows dance in the night. I stop to listen out for the beautiful, brave woman and count slowly, hoping to stay in control…”

Written by Ling Lee (16/05/13).

My love for vampires never die. An eternal love for this immortal creature. It’s immense beauty and strengths; hearing, sight and speed. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. I’m trying to merge 2 ideas into one book.

Excitement floods into me with every word that escapes my mind. Happiness fills my being with every read and every comment you all leave for me. Many thanks for your time and support. X

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Blood Thirst: Story Extract

“What a dark night, without a single star to decorate this open canvas, only the moon shining proud and strong.

I instinctively sniff the air for my next meal of fresh human blood. Starved for days in a hope to kill my addiction but this feral need has taken control. The faint smell of warm iron flooding through a body, I hear her heart pump an erratic beat as her feet pounds the pavement, with every other beat, exhaling in bursts of breathlessness.

She is running for all the wrong reasons. She should be running away from me but her scent grows stronger with every step closer towards me, oblivious to danger. My face twitches as I fight to keep my canines from appearing. Sweat drips from the back of her ear, down her neck. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. Realising my mistake as her scent travels through my nose up my nostrils, hitting me right in the gut as my canines painfully extend.

Razor sharp nails cut into my palms as I struggle to stop myself from rushing over and draining her life right before her very eyes. The pain in my hands not nearly enough to distract me from my hunger for her blood. I watch her with a predatory snarl, straining against my humanity. I don’t want to kill her but in my current state she doesn’t have a chance. I can almost feel the skin on her neck against my lips, taste the iron warmth trickle into my mouth. My throat is dry, very dry. My tongue darts across my teeth, desperate for a taste of her life.

Two and a half days, the longest I have managed without blood so far. Now I leave that thought behind as I slip through the shadows to quench both my thirst and hunger.

Her eyes wide in shock, gazing right at me, I don’t know why I’m looking at her. Guilt crushes me as I feel her beg me to stop through the gurgling blood in her throat. I hesitate for a second as her eyes call out a silent plea, my breath catches as I realise she is still alive. Her heart still beating a light pitter patter and her breathing is staggered. I slow to a stop as I cradle her limp body against my own. I lick her wounds closed. Her life floods through my veins as her eyes drift open and closed, with every blink I feel my strength return.

I realise this is the first time I have fed without killing. Now I pace frantically considering my options. I can’t erase her mind now that she has fallen unconscious in my arms, I can’t risk leaving her out in the street in case she wakes to remember me. I don’t want to kill her which leaves me two choices. Do I take her back to my house or hers? …”

Written by Ling Lee (14/05/13).

Exactly the kind of writing I’ve been waiting to write. My love for vampires grows with every book, every movie and every scene I can imagine in my thoughts. I hope this is something that you might want to read more of. Thank you all for reading 🙂 x

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Book Review #11: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

This is a very difficult book to rate. But I guess overall I would give it a 3 out of 5.

I guess I was disappointed with the first half of the book. I’m surprised that such a large number of readers have gotten this book a rating of over 4.10 on Goodreads.

The story itself didn’t really feel real even in my imagination. The words don’t seem to flow as smoothly as many other supernatural books that I have read. The style of writing makes the book feel like it was written for young teens, or maybe even a younger audience than that. But then the story has a lot of random gruesome scenes and a very disturbing relationship between two characters. I don’t want to mention their names as I hate spoiling books for those who are intending to read it.

But then about 2/3 of the way through the book, it feels like a different writer has picked up where the first person left off. I began to enjoy the book towards the end and felt like the first part MUST have been either unedited or more probably written by a ghostwriter.

What I loved about this book is the way the ‘sight’ allows certain people see demons and other supernatural beings. The way ‘glamour’ (the cloak/mask that humans see) can make something terrible look magnificent or visa versa.

Usually I try to start of with a brief review of the book. I hate leaving negative comments about books but there’s something about the way this book was written that I just cannot place and cannot keep to myself.

Very briefly, this book is about Clary, raised as a human but with ‘shadowhunter’ blood in her. One night out, Clary all of a sudden gains the ‘sight’ and watches a ‘shadowhunter’ kill a demon. She cannot understand what she has seen, especially when there’s been a murder but the bodies just disappears.

Then her mother suddenly goes missing. Clary then finds herself getting dragged deeper and deeper into this whole new world where vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks and demons all coexist. Clary’s human best friend is Simon. Simon has secretly had feelings for Clary since forever, but as always she just doesn’t know it. Then along comes shadow hunter Jace, who is a good looking ‘bad boy’, who slowly develops feelings for Clary. Clary also begins to fall for this boy. The ‘shadow hunters’ team up with a pack of werewolves on a search for Clary’s mother, meeting challenges and betrayal all the way.

My suggestion is, if you choose to read this book, then please, please, please read the WHOLE book. Sometimes the 2nd book in a series is better than the 1st, so I might be willing to give book 2 a try sometime in the future. But if I were asked to recommend a read, unfortunately, this would not be one of the books on my list.

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Vampires: A Secret About Me

Vampires: Creatures of the night, immortal, inhuman strength, fangs, feed on blood (preferably human), insanely acute hearing, amazing speed. Its only weakness is sunlight, decapitation or a stake to the heart.

I have a taken a deep interest in Vampires. Ever since I was a young girl, I always wanted to believe that they exist. How amazing would it be to live forever? You would have all the time in the world to accomplish everything you set your heart to.

I have watched as many Vampire movies as I have heard of. I am currently still trying to read through the list of vampire books that are out there. There is such an extensive list of books, I’m not sure that I will manage to complete this reading list but I will give it a good try 😀

The “Twilight Saga” was fun and easy to read. The characters came to life in my imagination and I always thought “How wonderful would it feel to be Bella?”. Loved by 2 different races of supernatural creatures. Protected by so many who care for her so much they would die for her. Unfortunately the Movie didn’t do the book any justice. The vampires looked too pale, the cast all looked expressionless which was such a disappointment compared to how everything came to life in my thoughts. No offence intended but the movie looked low budget and not even close to how Stephanie Myers portrayed the people and scenes in her writing.

I am currently watching the Vampire Diary TV Series. Every time I watch an episode I wish time could stand still so I can enjoy my guilty pleasure for the rest of time.

There’s a whole collection of vampire books that entice readers into the dark side. The “Black Dagger Brotherhood” by J R Ward is a wonderful series that I am slowly taking my time to enjoy. This series is all about the fight between Vampires with different beliefs. The ones who want to destroy, enslave and feed from humans and the ‘Brotherhood’ who thrive for order and peace between humans and their own race.

“A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. This book took a while to warm to, but the more you read, the more you get pulled into the story.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Dark Hunter” series is a very much adult series. With very explicit imaginative scenes between vampires with their many supernatural powers. Although I have only read one book from this series, this is highly recommended.

“The House of Night” series by P.C Cast is for younger vampire lovers. More for young teens. This series is about a boarding school for vampires who are distinguished by their tattoo like ‘markings’, the more powerful they are, the more intricate and extravagant their markings become. With a strong sense of elemental magic weaved into this story. The series explores  friendships, change in people, saving people and more creatures of the night.

This was just the start to my discovery of Vampires. When I have more time I will be adding to this never ending compilation of what I would personally recommend. Whether it be books, movies or TV series, anything and everything to do with Vampires will be coming soon.

Please keep reading, make suggestions and please support me in my journey to be a writer. Many Thanks.

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