A poem (untitled)

Clawing to escape this body
My soul screams a silent plea
Blinded by self destruction
I have no control

Piercing pain pounds through my temple
Threatening to restrain me
A feeble cry for help is made
Unheard, you are not there

When agony strangles the hope inside
I let the darkness over ride
Today I have no strength to fight
But tomorrow, tomorrow I might.

Not really sure where this came from but sometimes the darkness takes over. I’m fine, but something just made me feel like I was supposed to write this today.

For me, this is to remind people it’s ok to admit defeat. You can’t stand tall every single day of your life and beat everything that stands in your way.
Sometimes you just have to admit that you have fallen but tomorrow you can get right back up and try again.

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Poem: Winter Lovers

Raindrops falling, sun is hiding
Grey clouds fill the winter sky

Leaves are rustling, branches shaking
Strong winds rush between the trees

Outdoor walking, tears are falling
Sadness makes me head back home

Phone is ringing, you are calling
On the doorstep there you are

No more sulking, no more crying
All is right when you are mine

Indoor heating, fire blazing
Snug and cosy, you with me

Girls is smiling, boy is laughing
Life should always be like this

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A poem for winter: (Untitled)

First ray of light filtering through my window
Snug and warm curled under the duvet

Seeing the frost spreading far and wide
I wont be deceived by winters kiss

A chill has spread deep into my soul
My heart has frozen still as crystal

Catch a glimpse of me from afar
Beautiful in the glimmering light

Please be gentle with my delicate form
Only hold me if it’s for forever

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