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Book Review #23: Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

I rate this book 4 out of 5 Stars.

(Finished Reading 29/04/13

This is my 22nd book this year.)

This book is about a big manly commando known as Hawk and a Cosmo girl called Gwen. Gwen knows Hawk as mystery man because night after night for months on end she knows nothing about this man except that he knows just how to please her.

One day something changes. Gwen’s life gets turned upside down when her sister brings trouble literally to her doorstep. Hawk appears in daylight for the first time and is suddenly here to protect Gwen. Their relationship status also changes suddenly as Hawk takes her out to dinner, buys her gifts and even stays over night and meets the parents.

Gwen gets herself involved with a biker leader, Tack, and his crew, also because of her troublesome sister, Ginger. Gwen has a trail of men who try to fight for her attention, Tack included. All good looking men who are all ready to step up to take care of her. She finds herself attracted to them and pulled like a game of tug of war between each man.

Ginger brings destruction and danger into Gwen’s life. Owing drug dealers crazy sums of cash, along with upsetting the wrong people and knowing too much information as well as trying to trade information for money. Gwen finds herself caught up in a world where drive by shootings at her house, along with firebombs and kidnapping, keep her on her toes and Hawk tries to claim her as his whilst fighting off the competition.

I enjoyed this book but it was a little OTT (Over The Top). Too much happened in a short space of time. I absolutely loved the ending, so whatever you do, if you pick this book up you must read from cover to cover until the last sentence. I would recommend this book to others but I wouldn’t say that it has made my favourite books list.

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The Woman at the Bakery Store: Story Extract

“Standing outside peering into the glass counter, an assortment of delicious pastries and buns entice me.  The sweet smells of sugar, eggs and flour make my mouth water with want. There’s too many to choose from and I want a piece of each and every flavour; plain, coffee, vanilla, green tea, mango, strawberry and more. At times like these I realise my stomach can’t hold nearly enough food as I would like it to, but I also hate wasting food so choices must be made.

A commotion to my immediate left disturbs me from my current enchantment. My mind wanders back into reality where everything isn’t merely sweet and beautiful. To my horror a very large, elderly lady has fallen over so I rush over to her side to help put her back on her feet. I leave my pastries behind for a moment and take hold of her by the elbow and arm. She struggles against me and pulls her arm from my touch, clutching her handbag with all her might.  I feel a tug at my heart and a swelling in my throat as I realise this old lady thinks I am trying to rob her. I keep trying to help her as I watch her struggle like an upside down turtle. A tear wells in my eyes and threatens to fall. A nearby shop own comes out with a chair and looks me over before realising I am trying to help the old lady and had no intentions of harming her.

What is this world coming to? I kind hearted gesture being misunderstood and ill thought of. I take the elderly woman by one elbow and arm, the shop owner grasps her by the other. Together we help her into the chair as she cries, white knuckles clenched, still clutching ever so tightly to her bag. She sits there panting heavily gasping for breath. She keeps trying to get up from the chair instead of steadying herself and taking time to recover. It’s so sad to see that no one else in the street could be bothered to stop and help her. The shop owner only came out to help because the woman fell over in front of her store and was blocking her shop entrance.

A world without compassion and kind heartedness. I am disheartened and no longer feel like eating. The lump in my throat has grown larger and my appetite has suddenly diminished as I watch the old lady hobble away in obvious pain. Without so much as a word of thanks or acknowledgement, she turns the corner and struggles on without help.”

Written by Ling Lee (27/04/13).

There’s so many dark souls. It hurts to know there is so little faith in others. There’s so much terror and badness in this world it’s eye opening to see things like this happen. I hope everyone will stop and help someone in need today, or any day. Let’s all help make the world a better place, one at a time. Thank you for reading and have a nice day to you all.

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Beauty in the Park: Story Extract

“Wearing a peach coloured summer dress, I walk across the park and follow the cemented route without veering onto the grass. My golden strappy sandals wont agree too much if my feet aren’t standing on solid ground where I can see what I’m stepping on. I keep to my side of the path and consciously scan the park to see if he’s here again. No luck so far. I can’t decide if I should keep walking in this direction or turn back round and wear out this part of the path along with my ‘not made for walking’ shoes. Whilst I was thinking, I must have carried on walking because I have wandered around the bend and there he is again looking even more amazing than he did yesterday. I wonder if he will catch my eye today, or if I will be lucky enough for him to stop and say hi so we can swap pleasantries about today’s lovely sunny weather and maybe even discuss another subject alongside that.

He’s out walking his beautiful grey husky and playing fetch. Right now he’s stopped to ruffle the fur above its’ head as it nuzzles into his hand. I’m guessing it’s a she-dog. I don’t like to use the proper term with the “B” word because that word is too commonly used in reference to nasty girls who don’t keep their hands, mouths, and under dressed bodies to themselves. That “B” word is too harsh a word to describe this beautiful dog I wish I had the good fortune to see more of.

I can feel a light breeze and hope that maybe, just as he turns and sees me on my daily, so called ‘stroll in the park’, the wind might pick up just a fraction and whisk my hair into a golden frenzy and fan out across my shoulders. I’d be one of those captured moments on a ‘Country Life’ magazine.

To my good luck and fulfilled silent wish, the wind sure picks up. The husky towards me pulling her owner along with her. I’m just about to strike my ‘model standing still and looking nonchalant pose’ when the wind whips my hair across my face. I turn my head and hope my untied hair will cooperate and fan out across my shoulders the way it was supposed to. Shaking my head from side to side, frustration hits me and I feel a spell of dizziness join me. The husky and owner are getting close enough to be within talking distance soon and I’m not ready to face him today. With my mouthful of hair and the wind threatening to expose my panties to everyone in the park, I don’t know if I should be keeping my hair out of my face or holding my dress down with both hands to keep my dignity.

The beautiful blue eyed husky has apparently seen something of great interest and has suddenly started running in my direction. I turn to get out of it’s way just as someone on a bike passes forcing me to stay on my side of the path. Before I know it I’ve been knocked onto the grass, my elbow is unbelievably sore, my forearm grazed and I think I could quite possibly have skidded across the grass a few inches; definitely across my buttocks and right thigh.

This was not worth it. I try to get up and realise my butt hurts too much so I stay put for a few seconds. I lower my forehead so that it rests on my knees that are now drawn up close to my body. These embarrassing things only happen to people in movies and obviously to me. I was supposed to be the picture perfect model and now I can barely show my face. Lucky no one recognised me. I gingerly attempt to get up. I hear footsteps running by and a voice shout “I’m so sorry my Wolfy knocked you over.”

I cringe as I realise he’s come back for me. I guess I got my other wish fulfilled. He’s kneeling right here and talking to me about something other than the weather. I should be grateful but I just feel my heated cheeks burn up in embarrassment at my flailing arms and pathetic scream replay itself in my head…”

Written by Ling Lee (25/04/13).

I was trying out a little bit of fun again. I was walking home the other day and saw this scene play out in my head. I thought I’d try to capture the moment and get it into words on a page for you lovely readers. Hope you like this one. I hope it had it’s intended effect. If you made it this far, I hope it made you smile because I’m sure it wasn’t what you were expecting to read. Enjoy the sun because no doubt it wont last long. Many thanks for reading my work. Comments are very much welcome whether they be positive or negative. Thanks again.

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Drained: Story Extract

“Euphoric relief settles upon me as I direct my pent up emotions straight at the bag. Every punch brings an image of his mocking face to surface. I aim straight for his face with a right hook connecting dead centre. His taunting insults fuel my anger as my leg connects with the bag and the image of him bent over, doubled up in pain as satisfaction washes over me. I smile and dodge as the bag swings back at me.

It’s such a shame I’m not confrontational, otherwise I wouldn’t be in my current mess. As a daily routine, I escape my torturous life by beating this bag with all my heart. Every ounce of energy is thrown at it until I drop to my knees with sweat rolling off my forehead.

Every night I train myself to be better, to be stronger. Once my energy is  drained I feel the rush of adrenaline finally subside. Then the empty, hollow feeling returns, until the next time he reminds me how lucky I am to be his. The sad truth is I still believe him even though I can’t remember why…”

Written by Ling Lee (21/04/13).

I started out hoping to write a happier piece but it seems my mind has led me elsewhere yet again. Rather than to fight the words, I let my mind wander and the letters escape from me onto the page. I hope someday soon I can be writing endless happy extracts instead of the more serious topics I have covered. Be strong! 

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Honest Mistake: Story Extract

“Ry, it was so bad, you should’ve seen the look on his face.”
He laughs so hard tears spring to his eyes as he responds “Only you could do something like that K!”

Rolling my eyes at zero sympathy from my best friend, Ryan, with the additional taunts. I cross my arms and put on an all too serious face. I knew I should’ve kept my latest embarrassing moment to myself. But that’s what besties are for. Through better or for worse. We are inseparable and understand each other without a need for words. We can see something normal and look at one another then just break out into hysterical fits because we’d know what the other would’ve said. Like my current situation. I knew Ryan would die laughing but I had to tell him because at least one of us is laughing even though it’s at my expense.

Ry catches my eye, I can see him physically clamping his lips together in a miserable attempt at curbing his laughter and that’s all it takes to set him off again as he sputters his apologies in between gasping for air.

I guess my serious face doesn’t count for anything when Ryan’s involved. Even I can’t believe I did it. I was caught up in the moment. He was so close to my face looking apparently past me and not at me. We’ve sat at this coffee shop once a week for so long. We talk about the weather, talk about my princess then he said “Kiss me” so I did. Without thinking, I just leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. I inhaled ever so slightly and smelt his musky soapy scent. Then my lips brushed his cheek with my eyes closed. Then his eyes were wide open in shock as I realise he was talking to my 3year old daughter who was leaning over the table across me. Absolutely mortified I grabbed her and ran out.

So that’s why Ryan is now still dying from laughter as I sit in silence sulking about my honest mistake…”

Written by Ling Lee (18/04/13).

Did this piece work? I was just thinking about when a person likes someone and thinks about kissing them whilst they are talking at the same time. Could this really happen? Honest mistakes happen 🙂

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Vow of Abstinence: Story Extract

“I concentrate on dragging my eyes away from half a team of drop dead gorgeous rugby players. With their bulging triceps, biceps, abs and all sorts of muscles that strain against their striped t shirts. I curse under my breath at my bad timing for taking that vow of abstinence.

Why did I agree to this bet? One whole year and so far we have almost gotten through month one. Now these beautiful bodies are standing in line mocking me and this horrendous vow. I roll my eyes as my best friend knows my weakness to a man and big muscles. Especially one in particular with a tattoo peeking out from the sleeve of his top and his hair skinned to the scalp.

I love to run my fingers across that bald top and feel the bristles of stubbled hairs tickle under my fingertips. I’d love to examine that tattoo at a closer range to determine if it is in fact a dragon or a phoenix tail twitching for my attention.

Taking in a ragged breath, eyes closed and slowly exhaling. I remind myself of the year long swearing off men. Any form of sexual contact only excluding comforting hugs when the dark times reside in me. Then that bulk of baldness and tattoos backs right into me as he turns and his deep blue eyes hold my gaze. His laughing face falters whilst he looks right at me, stumbling for the words to form an apology for crushing my brand new Jimmy Choos…”

Written by Ling Lee (15/04/13).

This piece is a lot more fun. Restrictions and lust. The best emotions to toy with. A bit of fun. A lot of laughter when the girls can talk and look but not touch…

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Book Review #22: Crash by Nicole Williams

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 13/04/13
My 21st book this year.)

This book is about a troubled young man, Jude, who lives at a ‘last chance boys’ home. Life at home is difficult at best but he plods along through life trying to convince himself to stay away from destroying other people’s lives.

Along comes Lucy. She meets Jude for the first time and from that moment on he somehow becomes a part of her life. Pulling her into troublesome dilemmas and difficult situations with the rest of Jude’s ‘brothers’.

School life becomes more bearable. Life itself becomes more promising and bright for both youngsters until they discover something in their past that destroys them unless their love can conquer all.

I loved how Jude was troublesome and considerate of others. His continuous warnings to Lucy to stay away from him.
I also loved the way Luce just couldn’t shake him from her life through each problem Jude presented.

The book only got a 3.5 because although my views are stereotypical, Juse just didn’t feel real. He was too thoughtful of others. Especially with ranging teenage hormones and a girl throwing herself at him, he is fully in control, time and time again.

The ending is beautiful. I would definately recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of a bad boy in their life.

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Fallen Angel: Story Extract

“His wings extended from his shoulder blades. Made up of raven black feathers all ruffled and torn. Fresh blood matted down patches into his magnificent wings with scratches and cuts across his bare muscular chest. I watch as he falls down on one knee, his good arm supporting him from collapsing into a heap on the floor.

I yelped out loud and rush towards him, fearless. The moment I got close enough to touch this beautiful being, a searing pain shoots through my temples leaving me blinded and immobilised as ironically I am the one who collapses onto the floor. Tears seep through my clenched eyelids as I breathe through the pain. Behind closed eyes I can still see the jet black feathers scattered around his fallen form.

I reach out in vain to touch this being, with one thumb and finger clamped across my temple, the other searches ahead to touch the most beautiful face I’ve ever known. Except my hand meets with nothing but a gentle breeze and a waft of burning firewood greets my nostrils.

The pain in my head begins to subside and my eyes frantically search for the fallen angel who’s face I have met in my dreams over and over. With every sleeping moment our encounters become more intense. Now he’s come to find me, but is he here to save me or to destroy me?”

Written by Ling Lee (11/04/23).

The start of something interesting. I love the idea of angels. I love wings and fairies and magic and supernatural beings. I love how there can be endless types of wings just as many as the endless types of witches, vampires and other fantasy filled characters.

I want to explore my passion for beautiful creatures and see where this leads me…

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Wings: Story Extract

“Skeletal wings with translucent webbing crinkle open as she flexes and tests them. In the blink of an eye her wings burst open to its full size. Large on the upper section and smaller on the lower portion. Like insect wings seen through a magnifying glass, the fragile skeletal outline is black and with well defined lines. The see through webbing holding the skelton together has fine lines passing through leaving intricate patterns swirled across its canvas.

She flicks her wings and I watch as they move unsteady and uncoordinated causing her to lose her footing. Arms stretched out to the sides to regain her balance, she tries again. Small movements until they flicker in a beautiful coordinated grace. Fluttering, sending a light breeze as the wings waft at the tree leaves beside her. I can smell a light woody fragrance. My senses must be overloaded as I watch mesmerised by its beauty at the impossible that has just been made possible. She has wings and I think she can fly!”

Written by Ling Lee (08/04/13).

Having a go at fantasy and a complete new realm with new characters and hopefully new landscapes to explore. This is what I want to do. Free my imagination and create a world of my own to escape to.

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Book Review #21: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 08/04/13
My 20th book this year.)

I love the title. I enjoyed the middle of the story, but the start and end spoilt the book.

Chloe is an intelligent hard working secretary for the Ryan family firm. When Mr Beautiful Bennet Ryan comes home to join the company, Chloe is arranged to be his PA.

Due to such supposedly hot headed stubborn and strong personalities, they clash and apparently hate one another.

Eventually they become involved with each other and seemingly cannot keep their bodies apart. We read through the book from both perspectives.

I hated that the characters have been taken from the Cullen family in twilight. I hated the idea of 2 people ‘hating’ each other and ending up in each others pants. I also hated that this book was too much action and not enough story.

Once Chloe and Bennet began a real relationship, I began to take better interest but I felt like the sex scenes over powered the book too much.

Another bad point is that Chloe and Bennet felt like the same person. There was too much unnecessary swearing from both characters. If it wasn’t for the obvious male and female perspectives and being told at the start of each chapter who’s eyes we were seeing each scene as, I don’t think the reader would be able to tell any difference between the two characters.

Unfortunately I would not recommend this book unless you just want a hot and steamy bedtime read.

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