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Book Review #63: Chains of Frost by T. A. Grey

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 17/06/14
My 22nd book this year.)

This book is about the Bellum sister’s. Their father has just died and in his will he has appointed 3 leaders of the supernatural world to be each of their protectors. The Vampire Leader, Tyrian, is Chloe’s protector. The blue haired demon, Telal, is Lily’s protector. Lyonis, the Alpha shapeshifter is Willow’s protector.

On the day of their turning 29years of age, they will be under the protection of their protectors. Being from a family of Succubus, once they reach sexual maturity at 29, they need sex instead of food to stay alive.

But Chloe and Willow have decided they don’t need protectors. The sister’s cast a spell to deflect the men from their lives, but something has gone wrong and they have summoned a demon from the undead; who wants to kill Chloe to gain power.

Chloe end’s up in Death Castle where his protector, Tyrian, begrudgingly watches over her. With strict rules of boundaries within the castle walls, she is now trapped like a prisoner. Feisty Chloe doesn’t abide by just any man’s rules so she goes ahead with immediate effect, breaking rules.

Tyrian is a cold hearted being who must put up with Chloe, ensure her safety and put up with her childish mannerisms.

On Chloe’s 29th, sex is all there is on her mind. Somehow she finds herself drawn to Tyrian and no other being. So the fight begins as she risks everything to win Tyrian over. Can she stake her claim on the most cold hearted being? Or must she subdue herself to a lifetime of other men?

The explicit scenes in this book are very vivid and great to read. But the storyline is too rushed, patchy and dramatic.

I love the idea behind this series but there were many flaws that I hate to list. I hate the dialogue between the sisters. They speak like teenagers and act like rebellious children, bearing in mind they are supposed to be 29, it just didn’t work for me.
The love-hate battles between each of the sisters and their protectors seemed over the top and unbelievable. Yet I felt the thrill at every scene. I am very much looking forward to reading more in book 2.

Thankfully, the storyline picked up a bit in the second half of the book. I managed to enjoy this book although the book was empowered by explicit scenes. I feel like the book would have benefitted from a little more story and a little less explicit scenes.

Either way I would still recommend this book. I love vampires, I apparently love Succubus, shapeshifters as well. I still can’t say I love demons, but this blue haired, honey eyed Telal might be a first to like.

Written by Ling Lee (17/06/14)

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Book Review #62: The Prince by Kiera Cass

I rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 14/06/14
My 21st book this year.)

Prince Maxon has a selection of 35 girls to choose from. Only one can become his wife, only one from the selection. All pre approved by the king who has carefully chosen the girls for various reasons ranging from beauty to riches and to better future business within the family.

This novella is written from Prince Maxon’s perspective. How he feels about the process, how he feels about his duties and how he feels about the huge choice ahead.

I couldn’t support Prince Maxon’s character. He was too insecure, too indecisive and too controlled by his parents. I can’t fall for a man who has no manly characteristics. A very unusual choice of character for a prince. I love the idea of the Selection. But with this novella as an introduction, I feel like the book would probably have a better chance just starting from book 1. I will probably read The Selection at some point. Right now, I just want to stay away because the Prince has deterred my intentions of trying out this series.

Hopefully the actual series is better. I definitely would not recommend this to other readers.

Written by Ling Lee (16/06/14).

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Book Review #61: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 12/06/14
My 20th book this year.)

The factions dividing society have been forcefully disbanded. Chaos is on the uprise.

Tris and Tobias must either come together to help encourage a peaceful solution or they will have to fight. But with so many choices, how do they decide what is right?

The biggest problem is the life that they have all grown up to know holds the biggest secret that could destroy them. The answer is outside of the fence.

Everything that they have been taught will be challenged and questioned. They must both be mentally and physically strong to handle what lies ahead.

The young couple struggle through their relationship that has been filled with violence and difficult situations. Together or apart, they must find a solution for the upcoming war.

My thoughts:
I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed the final book of the series but the ending boosted my rating a bit. Unexpected endings are always a treat but I didn’t enjoy the outcome.

This final book was too clueless. Everyone seemed to believe different things where a lot of it turned out to be false information. A whole society without real knowledge of their histories. The serums turned out to be over the top. I wish this series had ended on the first book. The first book was amazing a highly recommended. I guess book 2&3 are worthy reads, but solely for the reason of finding out the secret of what’s outside of the fence.

I also wish there were more exciting scenes between Tris and Tobias… Big disappointment on their part. All in all it was an ok read.

Written by Ling Lee (12/06/14).

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