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Fever by Lauren DeStefano (Book Review #119)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 14/05/17

My 12th book this year)

Rhine has escaped her “husband” who has been holding her captive. All females will only live to the age of 20 and males to the age of 25, unless a cure can be found. Rhine needs to find her twin brother who has no idea what has happened to her and whether or not she is still alive. 

One of the house attendants have escaped with her. Now Gabriel and Rhine have escaped to freedom only to be caught in a whole different society where they once again become prisoners. 

Her previous Housemaster Vaughn is never going to let her truly be free. He is on the hunt for her and he wont give up until he finds her and brings her back to the house once again.


I really enjoyed most of this 2nd book of the Chemical Garden Series. Although some parts became annoying when incidentally the characters looking like long lost children of their captors, hence saving them from being instantly killed or buying them time to make an escape plan. 

I didn’t like the setting of this book but the story itself worked for me. I found myself drawn in and really wanted to find out what happens next. 

It became much more interesting once the group end up at the Lottner residence. The ending was very unexpected but if you can ignore the way she is found, you will still be held in suspense as to what becomes of Rhine.

I would recommend this series if you enjoy dystopian socities and are open minded to the world drastically changing. I rarely consecutively read nooks in a series but after book 1 & 2, I think this may be a first for me and I might just pick up book 3 next.

Written by Ling Lee (15/05/17)

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Book Review #34: Fever by Maya Banks

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 10/10/13
My 33rd book this year.)

This book is about an extremely wealthy man called Jace, who is business partners with his 2 best friends, Gabe and Ash.

Gabe happens to be Jace’s brother in law. Ash and Jace have a much more complicated relationship as they like to share the same woman, at the same time, that is until Jace spots Bethany at a party.

Bethany’s life is the complete polar opposite of the sort of lives the trio lead. She is homeless, working odd jobs and fighting to survive in this world.

I enjoyed this book but at the same time, it was too much like book 1. Jace might aswell be the same man as Gabe. The way Maya Banks writes this character makes me wish this 2nd book was Gabe, as he was the original man my heart fell for.

Unfortunately for me, this story was predictable right from the start and I don’t believe this sort of thing happens in real life to real people. So a book is a book. The content was ok. Much of the book is 18+ material, so I guess for this type of book, the story was decent.

I would definitely recommend book 1 of the series. Not this 2nd book, I’m assuming book 3 follows on about Ash finally meeting a woman of his dreams but I could well be wrong. I definitely need a long break from this series.

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