The Girl with All the Gifts by M. R. Carey (Book Review #115)

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 19/04/17

My 8th book this year)

Melanie is Dr Caldwells’ “little genius”. She lives in a cell and everyday she has lessons in the classroom. When she transfers between rooms, a gun is pointed at her head whilst another guard straps her into a wheelchair. Arms, legs, body and even her neck, making movement absolutely minimal. She jokes she wont bite, but nobody finds her funny.

She is test subject number one. Melanie’s favourite teacher is Miss Justineu. Miss Justineu’s favoured student happens to be Melanie, even though she knows better than to get attached to any of the test subjects. One day Melanie tells Miss Justineu what she wants to do when she gets older and grows up. Her teacher is very sad and Melanie just wants to see her happy smile for always.


I accidentally picked up this book thinking it was something totally different to what it turned out to be. My first Zombie book and I was actually quite intrigued and compelled by the story. However, I absolutely hated the unexpected ending which left my rating at 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed how Melanie was oppressed yet she managed to break free and eplore her own thoughts. I enjoyed sharing her experience of the world.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to apocolypse and zombie lovers as I’m pretty sure this was an extremely tame version of the possibilities for this genre. For a younger audience and maybe first time zombie experience readers.

Written by Ling Lee (19/04/17).

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The Witness by Nora Roberts (Book Review #114)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 31/03/17

My 7th book this year)

Elizabeth lives a very controlled life. Her mother decides every move she makes, what she wears, where she goes, what she studies, who she can befriend, even what she eats. Elizabeth has always been well disciplined but it isn’t what she wants from life. The day she stands up for herself is the day that her world gets turned upside down.

Highly intelligent with computers and having a photographic memory, she uses her skills to break the law for the first time. Making a fake ID and finally having a real night out. Little does she know she has caught the eye of a high member of the mafia, she sees something no one is supposed to see. Now she is on the run for survival because they will stop for nothing until they hunt her down for being the only witness that can destroy them. 


I am a huge Nora Roberts fan. This book started off amazing as always but then after Elizabeth went on the run, everything fell apart. The suspense, the thrill, the trouble just died out. This book could have been stunningly amazing. 

Once Elizabeth went into hiding, everything became bland, out of place and felt like a complete different book. All the way up to the end this book was disappointing. I kept hoping for the quick pace to catch up with her and her past but the rush never came. 

I enjoyed Elizabeth’s character when she became Abigail. But Brooks was a whole other story. Mismatched and forcefully inputted for the adult scenes that weren’t necessary for this book. I would not recommend this book to other readers, but the beginning of the book was absolutely gripping if you want to read the first 15-20%.

Written by Ling Lee (31/03/17).

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The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry (Book Review #113)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 18/03/17

My 6th book this year)

The Knights of the templar are forever trying to find the Great Devise. Something of utmost importance in proving the truth behind everything that people believe in. But the bigger belief is that there is an immensely huge treasure hidden with the Great Devise. Everyone wants to find the treasure and the race is on.

The knights and their master want to prove that Jesus is not real therefore obliterating Christianity. The Church and their believers need this information to be destroyed or remain hidden forever. 

With both sides supposedly trying to minimalise bloodshed, in self defense there is violence, betrayal, love, faith, loyalty. Everything is put to the test when facing life and death choices.


I didn’t enjoy the way the story was told although the storyline itself was quite interesting. It feels like the author is teaching a first timer about history, religion and the conflicts between the Church and the Templar Brotherhood. I dislike being told the story. Then at every turn there is a very detailed explanation as to what is believed, what could have happened and what is actually happening. I much prefer books that make us readers feel like we are on a journey WITH the characters. 

I didn’t feel the suspense and the need to keep reading. I didn’t really connect with the characters. The book was average at most. It held my attention but didn’t keep me gripping the edge of my seat. I unfortunately would not recommend this book to other readers. I much prefered Dan Brown’s books. Especially the Da Vinci Code. 

Written by Ling Lee (18/03/17).

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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier (Book Review #112)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 02/03/17

My 5th book this year.)

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…” the New Mrs De Winter finds herself haunted by the house, the people and everything to do with Manderley. What a difficult role to step up to with the First Mrs De Winter being perfect in every way. Beautiful, graceful, charming, educated, talented and kind. Mrs Danvers, the head housekeeper, is forever reminding the New Mrs De Winter of her flaws and how she cannot even begin to compare with her First Mrs De Winter. 

Maxim De Winter is much older than his newly wedded wife. Such a contrast to his late wife, young, uneducated, poor and dull but he has decided to bring her to Manderley in hope to bring life back to his magnificent estate.

Mrs De Winter is scared to make changes, unsure of her place in the  household, doesn’t know how to socially interact with the rest of the Manderley community but she must find a way to step up and be free from the lingering past of Maxim’s first wife. To build their lives and to begin to live as a lady rather than as the maid she once was.

This book had the most beautiful scenes. Manderley’s magnificence, Maxim’s curt demeanor, the new Mrs De Winters insecurities, the cold and evil aura emanating from Mrs Danvers at every moment of her appearance in the book. Manderley was precisely perfectly decorated by the First Mrs De Winter. She left her impression upon every person she ever came across and her death had a huge impact on every character in the book.

I really enjoyed most of the story even though nothing much happens until quite far into the book. But the beauty of the scenery was perfectly captured and we could feel every emotion that we as the reader are supposed to feel. 

The twist in the story spoilt the whole book for me. It felt too random and unexpected that it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the book. If the story had a different ending I may have been able to rate this book a 5. All in all this is a book that I would recommend to others but I would like to clarify it is not a ghostly story even though many reviews including my own mention the haunting feeling cast throughout the book.

Written by Ling Lee (02/03/17).

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My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (Book Review #111)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 26/02/17

My 4th book this year.)

The Garrett family are loud, open, untidy and the number of children keep growing. Scraping by with a hardware store they have a roof over their heads and food on the table but anything else must be earnt through hard work. 

Samantha lives next door. The rich girl with a trust fund and everything just falls into place in her life. That’s what people think of her. But her life is far from perfect. She works hard, studies hard but family life is just a show for the rest of the world. Samantha’s mother is running for senator but the man behind her is a very questionable character. 

Samantha finds watching the Garrett family calming and soothing. The inevitable happens and she is finally noticed by a Garrett boy. Her life begins to bloom as she is accepted by the family. 

All is well until something happens that will destroy Samantha but she needs to decide which family is more important to her.

What a wonderfully paced book. I really enjoyed Samantha and Jase’s relationship. Watching first love, reliving memories and feelings. Perfectly portrayed. 

The Garrett’s are a wonderful family with their family troubles but they stick together and have a strong bond.

I would definitely recommend this book to other readers just for the relationship growth between Samantha and Jase. Beautifully written story.

Written by Ling Lee (26/02/17)

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A Beautiful Lie by T.E. Sivec (Book Review #110)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 03/02/17

My 3rd book this year.)

Milo and Garrett are best friends. They both cross paths with Annabelle at the same time, they both fall for her, but Milo speaks up first. Garrett has backed off but secretly he fell for her at first sight and has never been able to let go of that feeling. 

The three become a great trio. Both men play a big part in Annabelle’s life, then tragedy strikes and one of them is no longer there for her anymore.

Together Annabelle and what remains of their inseparable friendship, they must find out what happened to their other friend.

Uncovering lies and secrets, disbelief and shock hits them hard as they try to stay strong for each other to uncover the whole truth.

I was really enthusiastic about the storyline but somehow the story was just ok. I love how people’s feelings are torn and put to the test. Yet it didn’t feel realistic from either of the main characters. 

The twists and turns became more and more over the top. Some moments were getting good but then Sivec seems to try too hard at throwing in unnecessary and inapropriately placed sex scenes. 

This story could have been amazing but unfortunately it didn’t quite capture my heart and apologies to the author but I would not recommend this book to other readers.

Written by Ling Lee (03/02/17)

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One Tiny Lie by KA Tucker (Book Review #109)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 18/01/17
My 2nd book this year.)

Ashton is Princeton’s most handsome jock. Full of mystery and secrets about his past, he is troubled but chooses to forget his problems partying and being with girl after girl. But every female on campus still wants to be with him.

Livie’s parents died and she only has her sister Kasey left to look after her. Livie’s is the perfect child, trying to fulfil her parents wishes, trying to make them proud. Kasey took the alternative route until they met Dr Stayner. The psychiatrist helps Kasey get back on track but now Kasey thinks Livie needs help to live like a real teenager. To stop being just what her parents wanted her to be.

Somehow Livie gets caught up in Ashton’s life. The stress and problems stem from here because Livie’s boyfriend is Ashton’s best friend, Conner.

I didn’t much enjoy the way the story was told. Dr Stayner’s presense, suggestions, advice and character just didn’t work for me. Totally out of place and unprofessional.

I fell for Ashton. I should have liked Conner more as he was cast as perfect boyfriend material, but Conner didn’t feel right. I shouldn’t have liked the way Livie was behaving but it didn’t feel like she was being such a bad girl because Conner just didn’t feel right. Usually I would feel the guilt and feel the hate.

I enjoyed the storyline and I loved the parts with both Ashton and Livie but that was barely enough to rate his book a 3. Apologies but I would not recommend this book.

Written by Ling Lee (18/01/17)

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What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (Book Review #108)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 05/01/17
My 1st book this year.)

Alice bumped her head and after waking up at hospital, her life is quite a shock. She has lost every memory within the last 10years of her life. It’s amazing what can happen in 10years. She is 39 but thinks she is 29.

Her marriage, kids, family relationships and friendships have taken a huge turn, but she cannot remember HOW she has become this person that she definitely dislikes.


I really enjoyed this book and found it fascinating how Alice became a complete new person in 10years.

I love how we go through events with her as she learns ‘new’ things about herself everyday and is completely shocked by the type of person she has become. I love the memories,the pain and the drama.

I wish her memory returning was more subtle. I would have preferred to learn about Alice much more slowly rather than a quick conclusion summarised within the final 10% of the book.

I love Nick and Alice together. I really enjoyed reliving Alice’s younger years as she catches up to reality.

Definitely a recommended read. Now I am at a loss as to what to read next.

Written by Ling Lee

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Book Review #107)

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/12/16
My 22nd book this year.)

Amy, the stunningly beautiful, intelligent, funny, perfect New Yorker that every girl wants to be. Nick, the handsome all round perfect man. They were made for each other. When their lives entwine, they both realise they have found their lifelong forever.

On the day of their 5th anniversary life is turned upside down for Nick. Amy goes missing. The evidence doesn’t make sense, the clues are cryptic and now the story really begins. Their perfect lives slowly unravel dishonesty, deceit, paranoia, and their love for one another has become unstable.

Wow. This book is well and truly twisted. I kept wanting to find out what happens next but at the same time I felt annoyed with the over the top twists and turns.

I took Nick’s side right from the start even though I had my doubts like the author intended.

I didn’t really engage with any of the characters yet I was still excited to find out what was coming next.

I absolutely hated the ending but it was the most unexpected end to a story like this.

A difficult one to express my views on without ruining the whole story. I would recommend this book only if you have the patience to read the whole thing. If you are a romantic, I guess the book becomes much more appealing.

Nothing amazing. If you can get over the absolutely crazy twists and not think about it too much, this book is worth considering.

Written by Ling Lee.

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Extras by Scott Westerfeld (Book Review #106)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 05/12/16
My 21st book this year)

Aya is on a mission to broadcast any story on her personal web feed. In this society, fame means everything. The more famous you are, the more important you are. To get famous you need followers, viewers and stories to keep people interested and to spread the word.

Aya is trying to uncover a story about the “Sly Girls”. A secret clique full of surprise and adrenaline rush antics. She is trying to uncover who they are and what their secrets are. As she gets deeper into her discovery she finds a whole new story that could change the world so she must tell everyone and become extremely famous to be the one to broadcast it first.

Along the way Aya and her already famous brother, Hiro, are intercepted by the most famous person of all, Tally Youngblood. Together they face this discovery and together they make their appearance and story well told.

The least appealing of the ” Uglies” series. This book lost the originality and felt completely different to the others. It felt to me like the author ran out of inspiration and was forced to churn this one out.

I would not recommend this book although the rest of the series was much more exciting.

Written by Ling Lee

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