Silent Lies by Kathryn Croft (Book Review #250)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/10/19

My 42nd book this year)

Mia’s husband, Zach, commited suicide, leaving her a single mum to their daughter, Freya. Mia has finally found a way to move on, then Alice appears bringing her a life changing message “Your husband didn’t kill himself”.

Alice knew Zach, Zach knew Alices’ flatmate, Josie. Alice hates Josie and visa versa.

Alice think she knows a secret and she isn’t afraid to tell. She’s not sure if it’s true but it is enough to turn a few people’s lives upside down. Alice is hiding a secret of her own. Now she wants justice for the real truth.


This book was the perfect pace for me and not overly dramatic to the point of shaking my head. It’s a shame when too many characters have to be “weird” just so we can keep guessing at what the truth might be. Normal people can have secrets too!!

I liked the twist although I had an inkling very early on what may happen. I guess Zach was my favourite in this book. I can’t say I liked any of the others.

Interesting plot. A book I would recommend to other readers. I would also love to read more by this author, Kathryn Croft.

Written by Ling Lee (10/10/19).

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