E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton (Book Review #238)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 31/05/19

My 30th book this year)

Kinsey Millhone the private investigator has been asked to check out an insurance claim regarding a huge fire. Somehow she is pulled in on the case and is being set up to be a part of this fraudulent scheme. She finds herself getting deeper into the case as her job is suspended and she is likely to be arrested unless she begins to collect the evidence that she needs to prove her innocence, or at least to prove someone else’s guilty verdict.

Kinsey’s live gets more and more complicated as her life is threatened and people keep dying. She needs to find the culprit before they get to her.


Just a very average book told in a very average way. This series is losing its original spark for me. Maybe because I have found a few other authors of this genre who have managed a better job at delivering the story, creating suspense and with much more complicated plots that actually work.

Until the bomb scene, there was little excitement. It was like a narrated story watered down rather than an excited author creating an alluring story.

I disliked the characters and much preferred when Kinsey was just your normal private investor uncovering other people’s secrets.

I would not recommend this 5th book of the series however I will probably give the next book a try and hope for the best.

Written by Ling Lee (31/05/19).

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