Kisscut by Karin Slaughter (Book Review #205)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 30/11/18

My 61st book this year)

Jenny, a young teen, is at the ice rink. She takes out a gun, points it at Mark. Jeffrey the police chief is on scene. He needs to focus, stay calm, take control of the situation. A shot is fired, Jenny drops dead.

Now Jeffrey and his team are left with the aftermath. Sara, the town’s paediatrician and medical examiner discovers some horrific injuries to Jenny. Self harm, mutilation and evidence of extensive abuse. As Jeffrey and Sara continue to explore what led to this disastrous episode, they find more and more disturbing leads. Jeffrey and his team are faced with a huge problem when they find out that Jenny’s past is connected to many others. It’s too late for Jenny but if the team act fast, they might be able to save the others.


I enjoyed picking up from book 1 of the “Grant County Series”. Sara, Jeffrey and Lena are working together again. Dealing with issues from book 1 without over telling what has already happened.

Then the book has so much shock factor it seems that Karin Slaughter is putting every idea into this book to make the reader cringe, recoil, be disgusted and disturbed by every reveal in the book. I understand these situations do happen, but as a book I would have preferred one less moment of shock. The individuals involved and their relationship to the children was a bit too much for me. It spoilt the overall effect of the story. Definitely too much for one book.

However, with the over dramatic scenes aside, this book was great! Just what was expected after book 1 of this series. I would still recommend this series but only to those who are brave and can step back and not be pulled in too deep. Such a disturbing, violent, disgusting plot with child abuse being at its’ worst, paedophile issues, sex, rape, drugs, every bad thing thrown together. Yet I would definitely pick up the next book of the series and am still excited to find out what horrors will unfold. Job well done Karin Slaughter!

Written by Ling Lee (30/11/18).

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