Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Book Review #183)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 24/06/18

My 39th book this year)

Daemon is of an alien race who can take the human form, with his original form being a source of light. He has become attached to a human. He will become an outcast if the agents of his kind find out. His human has begun to develop powers just like his own, but she cannot control it. Daemon is desperate to protect her from being captured for research or to be put down.

At every turn they do not know who they can trust. They bicker, they love, they are agitated, they fear, they protect… every emotion constantly courses through them as they try to fight the inevitable. They are linked, connected… maybe until the end of forever.


This book is overwhelmingly packed with raging teenage hormones. The love, the hate, the passion, the fear, the need, the want. Emotions run high throughout this book. I guess it captures the teenage years but I felt the author had gone overboard on the conflicted emotions.

I liked Daemon. The smouldering, sexy, mysterious one who tries to stay away from the one who will tear his life apart. But love, especially teenage love is just overpowering in itself. Reminding me somewhat of those teenage years, I guess I enjoyed this book towards the end. Definitely a YA series, I don’t think I will finish off the rest of this series but I’m sure teenagers will appreciate this series so much more. Great job Jennifer L. Armentrout!

Written by Ling Lee (23/06/18).

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