Killing Floor by Lee Child (Book Review #175)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 08/05/18

My 31st book this year)

Jack Reacher has just arrived in a new place, a new diner for the first time in his life. Then all of a sudden he is arrested for murder in this town.

He knows he didn’t do it but he needs to find out who did. Especially once he realises the dead guy is a family member of his.

Trying to unfold a massive scale illegal activity. He must stay one step ahead at all times otherwise his life will be ended in an instant.

Jack is ex military. His enemies are unknown. Can he find out who is behind all this drama before it escalates out of hand?


An action packed adventure. Definitely read like a movie. Full of overly dramatic violence and activity right from the first chapter.

I really enjoyed this book and loved the way the story unfolded. It was definitely over dramatic especially at the end, however the book was still highly enjoyable.

None of the characters really felt real and you don’t connect with them. But if you read the book without looking for faults it is very much action all through. Somehow the character that stood out most was the crazy and strange Kliner Kid. Creepy, out of control character who loves inflicting pain and violence at people.

My first Lee Child book. I am very much looking forward to more. Fabulous job! Very much recommended to violence and action lovers.

Written by Ling Lee (08/05/18).

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