The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (Book Review #174)

I rate his book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 04/05/18

My 30th book this year)

It’s almost the end of the human race. Cassie has lost her mother and father. Her brother has been taken to a safe camp and she has promised she will see him again.

The 1st wave left Earth in total darkness. All electronics immobilised. The 2nd wave, only the lucky survive. The 3rd wave, only the unlucky survive. The 4th wave leaves the remaining survivors so unsure of life, they can trust no one. The 5th wave is on the way and it is all the more terrifying.

Cassie fights for whats left in her life. Her brother. Every time she encounters other people she cannot trust them to be human. Yet she cannot bring herself to kill them just in case it is one of the few survivors left. Then Evan saves her life. But she knows the rule: trust no one.


Parts of this book were stunning to read yet other parts felt overly dramatic. As a whole, I enjoyed the story and got a glimpse into what could be the end of our world.

It’s that much worse when the Others look like us, talk like us and behave like us. Trust is the biggest factor. The world has become such a devastating place that some decide to end their lives before it is taken from them. But only the strong ones survive.

It is disturbing to have children learning to fight, to use such violence, to hold weaponry and fire arms. As young as 5. Children are what they are. The images are horrendous. But it is one of the possible outcomes of this sort of future.

I would recommend this book to others and have very much enjoyed most of this book. It seems there are more books in the series. I am very much looking forward to reading book 2. Job well done to Rick Yancey.

Written by Ling Lee (04/05/18).

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