Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra (Book Review #153)

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 25/01/18

My 9th book this year)

She is taken in by police and the only way she can think of to get out of this is to claim to be the missing girl from 11years ago, Rebecca Winter. Such a close lookalike she thinks she can pull this off. But now there’s a real problem. The police are taking her back home to be reunited with her family. Now she needs to make them believe she is their long lost daughter. Either that or face prison time for the offences she has already made. At least it gets her a home, a family and puts her out of harms way, if everyone believes she is Rebecca Winter.


What a difficult plot to follow through on. Let’s get the bad point over with first. I am quite certain nobody can fool family members or friends that they are someone important in their lives, no matter how much they look alike. 11 years is a long time, but going missing at 17 means there are way too many moments in life prior to going missing, to not realise if the person who has turned up is your best friend/daughter/sister/co-worker etc. With this problem set aside, I found myself captured by this books contents.

I loved the real Bec. When she was younger and carefree. I loved her relationship with Lizzie. But then being a teenager is difficult and life for Bec is stressful. It seems that Bec has a real dark secret to hide. She cannot tell anyone, so she bottles it up until it becomes too much for her to cope with.

Then the twist in the story was quite shocking. But somehow I really enjoyed turning each page as I tried to work out what happened 11 years ago to the real Bec.

I would recommend this book to others but I must clarify the reader has to overlook the biggest problem of pulling off a successful case of identity theft. Great read! Well done to Anna Snoekstra, job well done.

Written by Ling Lee (25/01/18).

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