The Gender Game by Bella Forrest (Book Review #144)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 26/12/17

My 37th book this year)

Matrus is ruled by women and Patrus is ruled by men. There is no in between.

Violet was born in Matrus but has been imprisoned and is awaiting a death sentence date. Her brother has gone missing and she doesn’t know what to do. The queen gives her a final choice to make, go to Patrus to retrieve something extremely important to their nation without being discovered, or die when her date has been set.

Women must submit to men in Patrus. They don’t make any important decisions, they don’t work, they don’t even leave the house unaccompanied by a man. The rules are such an extreme difference in comparison to Matrus. If Violet succeeds in her mission she will have a chance to be reunited with her brother and to be freed from imprisonment.

Life gets complicated as Violent must try to abide by so many new rules. Especially because she has to “marry” a Patrus man in order to live in Patrus and to carry out her misson.


It’s difficult to review this book. The plot was a great idea however the story didn’t unravel the way I had hoped or expected.

With such extremes to Patrus and Matrus, I would have enjoyed much more comparison between the opposing societies. It should have been a much more difficult “transition” for Violet to be in Patrus considering her violent and strong natured character.

Somehow the latter part of the book became more interesting and made me feel like I am willing to give book 2 of the series a chance. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this book and I am reluctant to say anything else until I possibly get round to book 2 in the future. Not much help. I guess it was an “ok” book that possibly could have been told in more detail and depth.

Written by Ling Lee (26/12/17).

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