Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards (Book Review #134)

I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 10/10/17

My 27th book this year.)

Andrew has felt like his whole life has been filled with bad luck until the beautiful Charlie walks into his life. She turns his world upside down, bringing him love and hope for a better future. 

We all know nothing is perfect, not even Charlie. Andrew starts noticing strange outbursts of jealousy, then things start going missing. Then one after another, people in his life begin to get hurt, or die from numerous reasons. So many factors point to Charlie and now Andrew is beginning to have doubts. The seemingly sweet and innocent Charlie could never commit such crimes… could she?

I think the synopsis destroyed this book for me. Before we even begin this book, we are led to expect that someone loves Andrew, but they will also start doing creepy things in the name of love. The reader is “told” with every bit of information that Charlie is the one behind all this.

I hated the twist. It ruined the book even more. It was definitely unexpected by not in a positive way. Charlie felt too good to be true, but then her bad traits began to show. They were creepy and obsessive behaviour traits. I guess I was disappointed the book had such an unexpected end that wasn’t necessary. Sometimes a straightforward story probably would have been more satisfying to read.

A terribly frustrating read. Apologies to the author but I would not recommend this book, yet I might give one of his other books a chance.

Written by Ling Lee (10/10/17).

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