A House Without Windows by Stevie Turner (Book Review #130)

I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 20/09/17

My 23rd book this year.)

A young doctor, Beth, engaged with the rest of her life ahead of her and the perfect man to spend it with. Life was never going to be easy. Taken, imprisoned for almost a decade, she still has no hope of escape. She has a daughter, a sink, a toilet, a light bulb that is always on and the bed that she can sleep on. Beth’s daughter, Amy, has seen nothing outside of the walls of her “house without windows” but she is intelligent, she is an avid learner and Beth describes life outside to her as well as she can. Now Amy wants more, she wants to sit under a tree, look out of a window, walk outside, she wants to leave the “house” but Beth tells her not to upset her Daddy. Otherwise he will get angry. When Daddy gets angry, it’s not a happy day for anyone.

The outline of the story pulled me in. I expected a lot more detail, drama and time discovering what life was like in the house without windows. It was heart wrenching to see Amy grow up this way. Everything about life is seen through the eyes of her mother’s descriptions. The world is a beautiful thing when you stop to appreciate what you can no longer see. 

There wasn’t really any violence, torture or drama whilst Beth was confined. The two captives were cooperative and absurdly accepting of how things have been for them. 

Then the book takes a turn. When they have a chance at rebuilding and living their lives again, it seems as though almost nothing has happened and life almost resumes its’ course, 10 years later. Beth seems to have a bit of psychological difficulty but Amy is absolutely fine. 

Everything happened too perfectly, too smoothly. I expected much more distressing moments, awful situations and definitely more psychological problems. 

Then the ending felt too staged. I am usually most let down by the ending of books. This book was no different. Apologies to the author, I enjoyed the first 20-30% of the book. The rest just felt out of place and unnecessarily dragged out for the final scene. Sorry but I could not recommend this book to other readers. I am hoping my next read will be more thrilling and suspense filled.

Written by Ling Lee (20/09/17)

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