Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Book Review #129)

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!!!

(Finished Reading: 09/09/17

My 22nd book this year.)

Kaz Brekker, criminal mastermind, willing to take on any task, an unimaginable risk taker. Just set the right price. Starting right at the bottom of the crews rankings, bullying, scheming, thieving, fighting, whatever it takes to climb the ranks, all for revenge for the death of someone very important to him.

For an excessively large sum, he has to choose his crew wisely. Being unable to trust anyone makes this an extremely difficult task. Breaking into the most secure military grounds known to their world, retrieving someone who knows a secret that can wipe out all existence if taken into the worng hands. 

The most unlikely crew are chosen. They must learn to get on, be a team and escape with their lives to claim their hefty prize, the other option is to fail and failing means an unsightly, painful death. 

Wow. How did I not read this book sooner? It’s been a while since I last found a book worthy of the full 5 stars. This book was incredible. Wildly imaginative and creative schemes. Amazing characters who came to life and all held their own personalities and traits. Everyone has their own story to tell and my heart strings were pulled every time Kaz Brekkers past unfolded. 

Too many twists in the story to count, but somehow if you choose not to criticise, this is an ultimate read full of adventure and breath taking moments. Definitely recommend this series to other readers and I am so excited to find out what happens in book 2. Go get reading… now!!

Written by Ling Lee (10/09/17).

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