The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Book Review 117)

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 6/05/17

My 10th book this year)

Rachel travels on the same train every morning and evening. She likes to escape into the made up life for a couple she has named Jason and Jess. She watches them through the window almost everyday. What a perfect relationship she wished she had. Then one day she sees one of them do something to destroy her perfect world and she wants to help. She wants to find out the truth so now she finds a way into Jason’s life and caused much trouble along the way.


What a crazy end to the story. I didn’t feel the suspense, the story didn’t pull me in but it was good enough to want to continue reading. The further I got into the book, the more the characters seemed to blend together. Scott and Tom having so many similarities. Then Rachel, Anna and Megan having too many issues that correlate with one another. I began to suspect whether this book was about a schizophrenic living in and out of character.

I didn’t feel the rush at every turn. In fact I felt more disbelief as to how the story ended. So disappointing when the ending doesn’t turn out to be epic. With so much hype about this book I have finally finished it. Apologies for not agreeing with the majority of readers. I would not recommend this book but would find it interesting to discuss the issues with anyone who has.

Written by Ling Lee (06/05/17).

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