Book Review #100: Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 27/09/16
My 15th book this year.)

Karou, the Chimaera resurrectionist has done the unthinkable and now has ultimate control over her whole race, with the help of the “White Wolf” in disguise.

Akiva is tortured by Karou’s choice of standing by the White Wolf, but for the sake of the Misbegotten Angels he must persuade the Chimaera to join his army to defeat their enemy, Jael, of the Seraphim Angels. Jael has found a way to Earth and is planning to use religion and human beliefs to empower the people and to gain powerful arms of all kinds. Jael is determined to defeat the Chimaera and to crush the Misbegotten unless there is any chance he can take control of them and use them as soldiers once again.

Karou and Akiva are distraught between their love for one another and their duty for their race. They know what it is to love and to live when they are in one another’s presence. Yet in reality they’re too different and their people are at war.

With much confusion in their hearts, duties to fulfil, people to protect and worlds to save. Will the Angels win or the Chimaera?


I didn’t feel the usual excitement and awe for this third book of the “Daughter of Smoke and Bones” Series. There was too much to explain and not enough happening throughout the chapters.

My favourite scene of the book was when we see the White Wolf at the end of the war. Tears prickled my eyes and I almost dropped a tear. The best books are the ones that can bring so much emotion to surface but unfortunately this was pretty much the ONLY scene that was absolutely amazing.

Karou and Akiva didn’t spend enough time working together. They are at their best when they accept their destinies. Their relationship wasn’t even close to the tense and urgency that we saw in book 1. I needed more love. I needed them to be together even if that meant they would have to part as well. It is almost true to say book 1 is always the best in all book series. Many times over I have regretted reading on because the story has now been tarnished and the excitement has been worn out. Book 1 was amazing.

Ziri was also an amazing character and the idea for the use of his soul was genius. It would have been nice to see more from Ziri’s point of view. So much inner turmoil as he tries to act like the opposite of his true nature. What a beautiful soul.

I wouldn’t recommend this book on its own, but as a series it is still a worthy read.

Written by Ling Lee

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