Book Review #93: The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 01/06/16
My 8th book this year.)

Amber has been abused by her father since a very young age. Her older brother Jake has been protecting her as much as he could for just as long, taking the beatings to distract him from hurting Amber.

Jake’s best friend, Liam, lives next door. He is the boy who sneaks in her bedroom window. Since she was 8, Liam has been there to comfort her, to wipe her tears and to hold her until the nightmares disappear so that she can finally fall asleep.

Amber, Jake and Liam finally manage to get rid of this terrible man in their lives. This story tells us how their lives have been affected as they live out their teens in as normal a way as possible. Full of love, abuse, sex, and teenage drama, the trio grow up together and stand strong with one another to beat the demon from their past.


I feel like this book deserved a lower rating because the storyline would have been much better if the book was written in a different manner.

I hated the way the entire book was focused on sex. Considering Amber was sexually abused, I would have thought no matter how much she loved any person in her future, she wouldn’t so easily change her perspective and be so demanding, so flirtatious and so sexually orientated throughout the book.

I have read another book with the same storyline but it was executed in a much better way. This book felt very amateur yet at the same time I understood and remembered the way first love felt. If the story wasn’t anything to do with sexual abuse, the rest of the story would have been more acceptable as teenage behaviour.

The author has tried very hard to make this into a love story with a difficult beginning, a better middle and a happy end. But I was left dissatisfied. I kept waiting for something to happen but Liam was too “perfect” for real life.

I would never recommend this book to another reader but when I remember the alternative book with the similar storyline I won’t hesitate to share and recommend.

Written by Ling Lee

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