Book Review #89: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 27/03/16
My 4th book of 2016)

Karou, a teenager surrounded by mystery and a secret life outside of the normal world. She knows nothing of her past and has always been an amazing artist. Karou has books and books filled with fantasy characters, with names and stories, so many beings, part human – part animal.

Little do people know, her fantasy characters are real, they are her family, the ones who brought her up in this world. Chimeara. Running strange errands for her father figure, Brimstone, Karou’s life is hectic and dangerous. Passing through a portal in his workshop, she can be anywhere in the world, but her errands are eerie, tooth collecting. Whether it be human, animal, reptile or fish, she collects them all for Brimstone yet she doesn’t know why.

One day Karou’s life is turned upside down when she meets a perfectly handsome angel, Akiva. She feels the magnetic pull between them but she also feels the danger. He notices one of Karou’s secrets and life is now a game of hide and seek for her life.

When Karou finally learns of her past she is torn between love, hate, war and peace.

Full of beauty and elegance, magic, hope, love and war between worlds, this book is a must read.


The perfect book for me. Absolutely loved every moment of this book, from beginning to end, amazing!

I love how we learn with Karou about her past. I love how dramatic events are when Akiva is around. I love her Chimeara family and her secrets. Karou is such a strong and fearless character. Akiva is made up of perfection but his one mistake may destroy everything he has been trying to do in his life.

I love the whole storyline, especially when Karou finally remembers every little detail from her past.

This book is breathtakingly beautiful. Such imagination by Laini Taylor. When/if I ever get round to writing my own book, I would hope to achieve exactly this.

Very highly recommended for fantasy lovers.

Written by Ling Lee

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