Book Review #88: Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Finished Reading: 15/03/16
My 3rd book of 2016.

Emily is taken captive by a beautiful man, too beautiful to be the monster who rips apart her life. He uses psychological methods to recondition his slave. What was once Emily’s comfort food soon becomes associated with punishment. Confusion alongside reconditioning, Emily finds herself getting lost in this nightmare that is now her life.

She must find a way to set herself free from the beautiful monster who has taken her.


The idea of this book could have been amazing. If it were my first read into slavery books I would have loved it. Not too dramatic, not too harsh, not too over the top. But it is because of these reasons I couldn’t rate this book higher. For this type of book, I would have expected much more extreme scenes, definitely more drama or even violence.

There was no way I would have guessed for this ending, but I needed more. More vivid details. More depth.

Emily seemed too easy to break. She gave in to her captor too easily on her first encounter with him. Emily’s responses at most scenes didn’t feel realistic enough.

The storyline itself was great. But for me it is all about the detail and the extreme situations for these intense and disturbing books. For me, these books are supposed to be shockful and disturbing. I believe only broken, bad, or twisted people can hold another captive and to try to control them by force, against their will.

I wouldn’t really recommend this book as there are a lot more out there to read. It was an easy read, but didn’t do enough to get me excited enough to spread the word. Apologies to the author for not appreciating the book more.

Written by Ling Lee

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