Book Review #87: Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch

I rate this book 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Finished Reading: 12/03/16
My 2nd book of 2016.

This 2nd book of a series is once again about two notorious thieves who are masters at disguise, scheming, mischief and lies. Yet they are undoubtedly loyal to one another and rely on each other to accomplish every plan they set their heart to.

Upon arrival at a new town Val Terrar, their main aim is the Sinspire Casino. An elite, members only casino, where only the rich and those invited by the owner, Requin, can enter. With his own rules and a dead set policy of NO CHEATING, anyone caught must die no matter who dares to try. Locke and Jean, the formidable pair have the crazy idea of relieving Requin of the contents of his vault and to come out alive.

With many complications and their past schemes and trickery catching up with them, Locke and Jean, find themselves in the midst of a political battle with both sides needing them as pawns to destroy the other.

Posing as Captain Ravelle, Locke, with his partner in tow somehow find themselves at sea on a pirate ship, they must find a way to survive with very limited sailing experience and a crew made up of escaped prisoners. Under the control of Stragos, the leader of Val Terrar, they must complete an assignment in order to get the antidote for a life threatening poison that they have unknowingly taken. But when the crew eventually realise that Ravelle is no Captain, they turn on him. Locke and Jean are left stranded on a rowing boat with luck and the Crooked Warden as their guide.

This book is full of dishonesty and loyalty, love and hate, war and destruction. A little bit of everything and full of action.


Locke and Jean are such genius characters. I love the way they have so many plans and more often than not they get themselves in so much trouble but somehow manage to get themselves back on track. I love their loyalty, trust and relationship. How they began and how they have now grown to depend on one another.

This book is so full to the brim of trouble and more trouble. As the first book, it is a bit over the top but somehow it still works because Scott Lynch has mastered the art of keeping the reader entertained and striving to turn every last page.

I love the start of the book when they are working at the Sinpire. I wish they had spent more time in this location, but then when I finally got into the rest of the story, it was just as amazing as the first book. I love this author and I am grateful for his work and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Written by Ling Lee (12/03/16)

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