Book Review #85: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars

(Finished Reading: 13/11/15.)

Locke Lamora, orphaned at an early age of five or six, he is taken in by someone they call the Thiefmaker.

The Thiefmaker takes in every orphan. Bribing constables to turn a blind eye and to let him get on with his business. With a deal of never thieving from the officials, they have somewhat made a deal to stay out of one another’s way.

The Lamora boy seems to be more trouble than he’s worth. But the Thiefmaker sees potential in his skills. Leading him to Father Chains, a blind priest, Locke will be given another chance to survive this cruel world.

Father Chains is the most discreet and professional trainer of his trade. Amazing at fooling people, persuading people to give him money at their own free will, acting and teaching, Father Chains introduces Locke to a whole new lifestyle.

Lamora proves to be full of mischief, ideas, tricks and schemes. He stands to make thievery look like a real profession to be proud of. With his family of Gentleman bastards, thy take on their biggest clientele so far, along with the most elaborate schemes, the most interesting stories, lies and deceit, the boys live their lives on the edge. From dodging constables and notorious gang leaders, to nobility and arch enemies, Locke’s life is non stop drama. Everyday is full of danger, excitement, planning and dedication, all of their hard work is just a part of life and all for the sake of family.

This book is full of amazing ideas and amazing characters. The only reason I didn’t rate it a 5 is because there was too much of everything packed into one book. How many times can a person escape death in such a short span. Considering there are many more books in the series, maybe the drama could have been cut very slightly to fit into the next book.

I love how Locke is loyal to his ‘family’. I love the way his ideas form out of thin air, how he interacts with people and how easily fooled the general public can be. His relationship with someone he hated when he first met, Jean Tannen. I love the way life forces them together and now they put their lives on the line for one another.

Capa Basarvi and his daughter are amazing characters, as are the shark fighting twin sisters. The Gray King turned out over the top in my opinion but the author has many amazing ideas and at almost every point of the book, I was left excited once again as the twists and turns unfolded. Very hard to put down this book. Highly recommended!!

Written by Ling Lee

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