Book Review #76: Seduced in the Dark by C. J. Roberts

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 16/09/14
My 35th book this year.)

Livvie must obey her master or be tortured into obedience. Almost completely physically broken, Livvie continues to survive. The real life nightmare of becoming a pleasure slave haunts her. Her master, Caleb, has gotten soft and continuously lets her disobey without enforcing punishments. He has much to prove to the man who saved him. Caleb still owes a debt to Rafiq, the man who saved him from the same outcome as intended for Livvie.

With Livvie securely back in his life, he can fulfil his promise to Rafiq, revenge should be the only thing on his mind. Yet Caleb struggles to keep control as his feelings for Livvie are making him erratic. One minute he spoils her like a lover but the next minute he punishes her mentally to the extreme.

Will Caleb betray Rafiq and choose the one girl he cannot have? Or will he give up the one girl who has ever loved him just to prove his loyalty?

This book is just as dark, filled with just as much passion, pain, shock, horror, betrayal and love.

My Thoughts: ***SPOILER ALERT***

I felt annoyed with the way the story was broken up. I wanted the story to flow and read like the first book did. I hated the interruptions even thought they were necessary to help keep the story moving and to help keep people up to pace with all the drama.

I absolutely loved the ending. Not really what I expected but I loved it none the less.

This book made me feel so much worse for the people who end up with this kind of life. But it also made me question what is really right or wrong and if it really can be so clear to answer. Can two people in this situation really fall for one another, or are they both so messed up that they are the only ones meant for each other?

Highly recommended but please don’t pick this series up if you cannot be open minded. Imagine being kidnapped and your only instinct left is to survive. Don’t read this book with the thought of disgust and shame because that would be doing this amazing author an awful injustice. Don’t judge, just read and watch this story unfold.

Reflect on everything after you turn the last page because this story had me up until 1-2am for days. I fell for the story and I fell for both characters. I hope that doesn’t mean I have a dark and twisted soul too.

Written by Ling Lee (16/09/14).

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    Nice review and it was well written.
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