Book Review #75: Captive in the Dark by C. J. Roberts

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 13/09/14
My 34th book this year.)

A girl is chosen, captured, bound and about to be broken, only to be remade into a pleasure slave.

The captor has his reasons and one of those reasons include revenge. Revenge for the person who gave him a reason to live. Revenge for why his life was so dramatically changed and how he became Caleb, the monster, the Captor, the Master.

This story tells a tale of the girl, what happened with every detail of her experience.

This book is extremely explicit, disturbing, controversial and dark.

My Thoughts:
4.5 stars!!!

If you can get past what is morally right or wrong, past the mental instability and the two broken people… This book is actually amazing!

There are worse things in real life than being trained into becoming a pleasure slave. The children who have been stolen from loving families, physically and mentally broken e.g all their limbs removed, deliberately blinded etc just to be turned into slaves who gain money from kindhearted people. But that only fuels the underground badness to keep committing these horrendous crimes.

The girl has never really known what a “normal” life feels like, when her captor is being kind to her, she disturbingly “needs” his touch and his kindness.

Although the situation is awful, the story itself is so well written. To understand what it could potentially feel like to be the girl. The humiliation, the pain, the loss, the confusion but also the need, the hope and the will to survive.

I love the ending to book 1 and I am desperate to pick up book 2. (I rarely read the next of a series straight away.)

I would recommend this book for it’s shock factor and I guess a bit of a reality check. To remind us all how grateful we should be, that we are only the reader and not the girl in captivity. To never take what we have for granted and to appreciate those who care for us because in reality, there are real people out there who have nothing to exist for, but they still have hope and the will to survive.

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