Book Review #73: The One by Kiera Cass

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 09/09/14
My 32nd book this year.)

The King is angered. Lady America must behave or suffer the consequences. She must obey the rules, abide by the law and never ever disagree with the King again.

Prince Maxon is still insecure about love; who he loves and what real love is. How can a man decide when he can be with every girl in the Selection. With his choices narrowed he still has to choose One to be his wife. But every girl has their flaws so which girl will he choose despite that?

Lady America continuously lands herself in embarrassing situations, full of spirit and willingness to fight for what she believes in no matter the consequences. This girl is who the lower caste of the nation root for. The people are ready for change, ready for a chance to live in freedom, ready to be rid of the castes that limit their lives to what they are born into. The majority of the people believe Lady America is the one to help change lives for them all.

With competition getting serious as the end draws near. Each girl can only hope she has done enough to be the One in Maxon’s heart.

My Thoughts: *** SPOILER ALERT***
I very much enjoyed this book. I rarely rate the final book of a series better than the earlier books. I find myself disappointed by many story endings. This book left me with tears twinkling as love is finally recognised between people.

I hated the King and Queen’s outcome. But I guess it made sense so the book could be rounded off with all loose ends tied.

I hated Celeste in all previous books, but she somehow redeemed herself and realised that life isn’t always about me, me, me.
I never felt much for Elise and even at the end I can’t say much about her.
I disliked Kriss even though she was the only one who knew her love for Maxon was true.
America is unknowingly funny when caught in embarrassing situations. She fights and any character who fights for people are amazing to read.

At the end I guess I liked Maxon. But through out each book, he was uncertain every step of the way. I prefer a man with confidence, who can make his own choices, stand up for the ones he loves and to be strong. Lady America brought out the best in him and was sure to tell him when ever she were not entirely happy with him.

I definitely recommend this series. But this is really a girly book. Beautiful gowns, emotions flying through every page. Please start from book one, push past book 2, just to get to this end book. I’m actually sad to have finished this series.

Written by Ling Lee (09/09/14).

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