Book Review #72: Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 07/09/14
My 31st book this year.)

Descendants of gods being with mortals, pure bloods are the higher class godlike beings. They can control one or more elements. Half bloods are descendants of pure bloods and mortals. They only serve 2 purposes in this series. Half bloods are either slaves or trained to become daimon killers.

Alexandria (better known as Alex), is a half blood, she’s broken almost all the rules and has left the safety of the Covenant without permission. With minimal training she hides amongst the mortals but she doesn’t even know why. Her mother has taken her from the Covenant, all Alex knows is that her mother loves her dearly.

One single day changes everything, when Alex finds her mother drained of aether, the essence of life and soul residing in the bloodstream. Alex fights for her life until Covenant members find her, save her and take her back to where she belongs.

Given the ultimatum of being a slave because she has broken almost every rule set, Alex begs for a chance to resume training. Aiden, a pure blood, trained and graduated Sentinal comes to the rescue. He steps in to train Alex and help her catch up before the start of the next school year.

As more issues arise, the biggest problem is when Alex learns she is fated to be the other half of the Apollyon, Seth. Fated and joined in some way, Alex hates him, his attitude and arrogance. But they must learn to put up with one another.

Alex has another big secret. She has fallen for Aiden. But relations between pure bloods and half bloods are forbidden. The worst part is knowing that Aiden has feelings for her too.

My Thoughts: ***SPOILER ALERT***
I actually preferred this series over Vampire Academy. There was a better storyline and better execution of events.

I love the forbidden romance between Alex and Aiden. I love how they fight to control themselves, I love most when they lose control.

I was drawn into the story almost immediately and the twist in the story with Alex’s mother left me surprised and emotional.

The author did an amazing job at conveying teenagers, where they bicker, tease, fight and many are arrogant and selfish. Hormones run free as feelings are thrown around between all the characters.

I think the author is one of my new favourites. The biggest problem is the overuse of “oh my Gods”. More than one character uses this phrase, sometimes it’s fine to swear, or use alternatives. I was hoping for more between Aiden and Alex, but I guess Armentrout has to save some for other books in the series.

Highly recommended for people who love supernatural books. Please ignore the Vampire Academy remarks. It is a highly unfair comment. All teenagers must go to school so there’s no surprise they belong in a learning institute. All supernatural books have vampires, demons, gods, fairies etc, they also have a race who fight against these creatures. So it’s no surprise if people want to compare books, they may as well say every vampire book is the same. Well done to Jennifer L. Armentrout for an amazing start to a great series!

Written by Ling Lee (07/09/14).

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