Book Review #71: The Elite by Kiera Cass

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 02/09/14
My 30th book this year.)

America made it to the final six out of thirty five girls. She is part of the Selection, where ultimately the goal is to have one girl left who is chosen by Prince Maxon to become his bride.

Lady America is feisty and passionate about every thing and everyone she believes in. But her heart is in turmoil as she cannot decide if she loves Aspen (her ex) or Prince Maxon more.

With Aspen working as a palace guard, America struggles to control her emotions. Prince Maxon has a tendency to confuse Lady America. As he flits between girls, he constantly reminds her that she has a choice: to love and be with him, or to go home and walk away from it all.

My Thoughts: ***SPOILER ALERT***
The first half of the book was amazing. I wanted to be Lady America. To be loved by a handsome and romantic Prince. I loved the way they interact like more than just friends.

I was on edge at every scene involving Aspen. I was afraid of them getting caught and it was worse when I knew what the consequences were.

Then the story takes a sudden turn and I hated it. I hate how Maxon is confusing and became a totally different man. He turned out to be an ass and I’m hating that I fell for him. I don’t know if he was always this way or if he has other intentions behind his actions, but the end to this book has completely put me off the next book of the series.

It also seems the rebel attacks happened too often and they were just an unimaginative way to throw the story off course.

I will read the final book because of my need to find out the ending. If she chooses Maxon or Aspen, if she chooses either.

I can’t say I’d recommend this book, but if you have any intention of reading the final book, then you have no choice but to give this book a chance. (Note: only the first half is worth reading.)

Written by Ling Lee (02/09/14).

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