Book Review #64: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 26/07/14
My 23rd book this year.)

Love is a disease and there is a cure, only when you turn 18. Love causes deliria, increased heart rate, mood swings, affects your ability to make logical thought processes…

If you get the disease, there’s a chance of a cure, but your life becomes controlled by society. The cure offers a pain free life. A partner is carefully chosen for you, based on your test results, taken just before the age of 18. Anyone who shows signs of being infected can be given the cure early. With possible dire consequences including mental illness and mental/physical impairments.

Lena’s mother was infected, she died for love. Now the disease has caught up with Lena. Alex is the one she caught the symptoms and “infection” from.

With only a few months of forbidden moments, time is ticking by. With less than a month left until Lena’s operation, she finds out a life changing secret. Something important enough to make her want to leave everything behind and risk a life outside of the boundaries, but free and in control of her own life. Alex leads the way. But life is never that simple…

I enjoyed this book. A few scenes were annoying, over the top and immensely exaggerated, but with all that aside, this was a very interesting storyline.

I love how Alex finds Lena and helps her understand what is really waiting for her in the outside world. How Lena begins to feel love but is afraid of all the feelings and the consequences if she were to be caught.

I love how the book ends. With sequels, more often than not, the ending is rushed and incomplete. But Lauren Oliver did a good job. I am
definitely looking forward to book 2 but as always I will read something completely different first. Just to clear my mind and to come into book 2 with an empty slate for my imagination to bring book 2 to life.

Written by Ling Lee (27/07/14).

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