Book Review #61: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 12/06/14
My 20th book this year.)

The factions dividing society have been forcefully disbanded. Chaos is on the uprise.

Tris and Tobias must either come together to help encourage a peaceful solution or they will have to fight. But with so many choices, how do they decide what is right?

The biggest problem is the life that they have all grown up to know holds the biggest secret that could destroy them. The answer is outside of the fence.

Everything that they have been taught will be challenged and questioned. They must both be mentally and physically strong to handle what lies ahead.

The young couple struggle through their relationship that has been filled with violence and difficult situations. Together or apart, they must find a solution for the upcoming war.

My thoughts:
I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed the final book of the series but the ending boosted my rating a bit. Unexpected endings are always a treat but I didn’t enjoy the outcome.

This final book was too clueless. Everyone seemed to believe different things where a lot of it turned out to be false information. A whole society without real knowledge of their histories. The serums turned out to be over the top. I wish this series had ended on the first book. The first book was amazing a highly recommended. I guess book 2&3 are worthy reads, but solely for the reason of finding out the secret of what’s outside of the fence.

I also wish there were more exciting scenes between Tris and Tobias… Big disappointment on their part. All in all it was an ok read.

Written by Ling Lee (12/06/14).

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