Book Review #57: Divergent by Veronica Roth

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 29/04/14
My 16th book this year.)

A society split into 5 factions. Abnegation-Selfless, Candor-Honest, Dauntless-Brave, Erudite-Intelligent and Amity-Peaceful. Every factor lives with very different rules. Once a person turns 16 they get to choose which faction they want to belong to for the rest of their lives. But choosing a new faction means leaving your family behind.

Beatrice is born into abnegation-selfless. On her 16th year, along with others her age, she undergoes a test in the form of a simulation that helps to guide her along the right path. Her tests result inconclusive, but her test instructor looks more than worried. Discreetly telling her she is Divergent but refusing to tell her what it means, except that she can tell no one.

Beatrice chooses her faction along with a new name. Here she meets Four who is one of the senior instructors who help her through the initiation process. If she fails, she becomes factionless… No one chooses to be factionless.

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book. One of the best books that I have picked up in a while.

Beatrice becomes Tris in her new chosen faction- Dauntless. The most unexpected choice, being almost opposite in every way to her past. Living life to the max, on edge, thrill seeking and putting her life in dangerous situations just to prove she is brave. But one mistake in her acts of bravery can very much lead to her death.

I love the way Four and Tris fight one another, challenge one another and push each other to the limit. Their relationship is confusing yet compelling both at the same time.

I am desperately wanting to finish this review so I can jump straight into book 2 of the series. A must read!!

Written by Ling Lee (30/04/14).

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