Book Review #50: The Treatment by Suzanne Young

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 13/02/14
My 9th book this year.)

Sloane has lost all memories that ever made her feel pain, sadness or depression. Feeling hollowed out and knowing there’s something missing in her life but she cannot remember what. Until the one memory she she was allowed to keep, cracks her, then she realises she has to find out what happened in her past to know who she really is.

Sloane and James find one another again, even without their memories of one another. Somehow they piece together information about themselves until they choose to run from the program.

Realm… Mysteriously appears at the most crucial moments, filling James and Sloane with doubts about who to trust.

The oddly made team join up with other program rebels and fight for their pasts, their memories and their lives back.

I love the message of this story. What matters is now. If things were meant to be then they happen over and over again. Realm and James are really great characters. I really like feisty Dallas. Sloane was a better character in book one. But all in all, this book was just as good as the first of the series. Not as dramatic and suspense filled as I had hoped but a great story til the end. Well done once again Suzanne Young.

Written by Ling Lee (13/02/14).

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