Book Review #46: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 21/01/14
My 5th book this year.)

This book is about Tally, an Ugly awaiting her 16th birthday to undergo surgery and become a Pretty.

Society is very much different to the way we are living now. Everyone is pretty after they turn 16. All the people who haven’t had the operation are called Uglies. They live outside of Pretty Town and live life happy and carefree.

Tally is the youngest in her year, meaning she is the last of her friends on the Ugly side of town. She can’t wait to be reunited with her family, friends and most of all her best friend Peris.

Playing tricks is the only thing that gets Tally through the last of her Ugly days. But tricks are no fun without friends to laugh with. Then Tally runs into Shay who is also the last of her friendship group to turn 16. Becoming friends was quick and easy as the two teach one another secrets of the town.

But the biggest secret of all is David and the ‘Smoke’. A whole new society, where people live, grow old and never turn pretty. Where they live life as they want without undergoing the operation to pretty much look like the other generic Pretties.

The Smoke are the ones who have rebelled and have run away before turning 16. They believe there is more to life than being just pretty and partying every day of their lives. They want to choose their own jobs and just be themselves.

Tally and Shay venture out of their town. Shay believes in David. She believes in a better life and she wants Tally to run with her.

I didn’t immediately get drawn into this book. I liked the idea of a whole society being pretty and living every day as though there wasn’t a worry in the world. Everything is provided for you. But as I got deeper into the story, I fell for the people from the Smoke. They hold a massive secret about Pretty Town and are trying hard to let the other Uglies know before they turn Pretty and never think another bad thought again.

I loved the idea of this book. But there was a part when I felt like I’d chosen to read something that was a waste of time. Otherwise this had the potential to be one of my rarely rated 5 star books. I’m glad I read this, but only open minded people with great imaginations will enjoy this book.

Written by Ling Lee (21/01/14).

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