Book Review #41: The DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
(A bit of a rare thing for me.)

(Finished Reading: 29/11/13
My 40th book this year.)

Wesley is the hottest boy in school. Alongside that, he is also the playboy who doesn’t say no to a girl. With his sights set on 2 out of a group of 3 girls, he heads over to make conversation with The DUFF. The designated ugly fat friend (there’s always one in every friendship group.)

Bianca, The DUFF, absolutely hated Wesley before she ever spoke to him. After being told she is The DUFF, followed by a full explanation of his intentions, Bianca throws her drink at him and pulls her friends to safety.

Somewhere along the line, with personal problems and a secret that she can’t discuss with her friends, Bianca finds herself needing an outlet. Somehow she throws herself at Wesley and as usual he doesn’t say no.

Using one another as a distraction from each of their struggles in life, they begin an enemies with benefits relationship.

I absolutely loved this book. The only problem I had was Bianca sleeping with someone she hates. But I loved the drama, the situations between the girls and their friendship. I loved the way Bianca can just be herself and I love the way she bickers with Wesley.

By the end of the story I felt happy and content. I rarely smile at the end of a book, as more often than not, the endings are rushed, too compact and too many explanations are used to tie up loose ends.

I loved the light hearted ‘fights’ between the two teenagers. I love how I could see everything happening in a real school. I love how the book depicts teenagers doing things that are just irrational but once we know the secrets of each character, somehow it doesn’t matter what happened in between. What matters is what they learn from one another and how they dealt with their problems.

Very much a recommended read. Well done Kody Keplinger.

Written by Ling Lee (29/11/13).

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