The Woman I Call Mummy: Story Extract

“The scent of sugar and pastries waft in the air leaving my mouth gaping open as I try to eat everything I can smell. My mouth waters whilst my belly rumbles as I consciously unwrap my arms from around my thin body. My cheeks ache from the forced smile on my face. My eyes concentrate solely on the woman I call Mummy. I watch her make her way round the school fundraiser, chattering away to every mother and child as she encourages them to buy raffle tickets and all the sugary goodness on sale.

I flinch ever so slightly as her fingers ruffle the next child’s hair, subconsciously I rub the sore patch on the back of my head from my so called accident. She looks at me and before she can ignore my presence, another mother has just noticed me and urges her to give me a chocolate covered donut from her stall. As her lips curl up into a smile, I can see the fire and hatred in her eyes. I squint away my tears and skip toward her.

She leans over with her arms outstretched as she awkwardly holds me by the shoulders and pulls me toward her. Her lips meet the top of my head but I can feel her tense and grit her teeth as she lingers for just a second before standing up tall again. Glancing around, she plasters that grin back on her face as the same woman tells her what a wonderful child she has. I feel the slightest flicker of warmth in my heart, then that familiar ache settles in my chest as I remember mother will never love me…”

Written by Ling Lee (19/10/13)

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